Geeta Arts produces this film that is written and directed by Bommarilu Bhaskar. This film is a supposed effort by Allu Arvind and Nagarjuna to resurrect Akhil’s career. Romcoms are usually fun, but with a wooly plot it is the screenplay that carries the film past the post. MEB is no different; regrettably it is the comedy that does not snap like it should. Save … Continue reading MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR (TELUGU)


Produced by Avni Cinemax A3 is written and directed by Sundar C. ARANMANAI has been a successful franchise so far. There is nothing to write about the plot that devotedly subscribes to the obtuse horror comedies that Kollywood seems to stir up out every fortnight. The first half is unremitting rambling, amplified and puffed up by a hundred characters pointlessly roving inside a haunted house. … Continue reading ARANMANAI 3 – MOVIE REVIEW


Produced by 2D Entertainments UDANPIRAPPE is Jyothika’s 50th film. The film is written and directed by Era.Saravanan. The story of UDANPIRAPPE is nothing new. A spinoff of various bro-sis sentiment films over the years in Kollywood, especially the popular Kizhakku Cheemayile, UDANPIRAPPE does not try to be dissimilar. It sticks to the basic blueprint without deviating much and is still largely appealing. While emotions, sentiments … Continue reading UDANPIRAPPE – MOVIE REVIEW(AMAZON PRIME)


SK(Siva Karthikeyan) productions and KJR Productions produce this film that is written and directed by Nelson Dilipkumar. Nelson earlier directed the commercial hit KOLAMAVU KOKILA. DOCTOR begins in a very monochrome fashion before it jumps track to try something different. The writing tries to get eccentric. It works most part of the first half with comedy smartly topped, but it is in the second half … Continue reading DOCTOR – MOVIE REVIEW

Squid Game (2021) Korean Web Series

Squid Game. Wow. Korean. Best description? Uncomfortably genius! (Kind of disturbing – small warning but still) I mean there are some elements of The Game and Hunger Games, but this is bigger, more catastrophic in a different way, more clever, plays on psychological aspects, with a touch of closeness between some participants. Its intensely catchy and totally insane. Its set in a today’s society with … Continue reading Squid Game (2021) Korean Web Series


7G films and GM Corporation produce this film that is written and directed by Mohan G. DRAUPADI the director’s previous film created a lot of buzz. The film begins promisingly but loses steam pretty soon. Though the film touches upon a lot of issues that afflict the society at large they are too many to deal with and comes out dubious. The script is pretty … Continue reading RUDHRA THANDAVAM – MOVIE REVIEW


LIFT is produced hy Hepz. Vineeth Varaprasad writes and directs this film. LIFT gets an OTT release on DISNEY HOTSTAR. For a horror film LIFT rather begins very docilely. The first few minutes are full of corporate nonsense that have been done to death. It takes inordinately long for the film to get to the plot. When it does it still does not stick failing … Continue reading LIFT ( DISNEY HOTSTAR) – MOVIE REVIEW


Hip Hop Aadhi co produces, writes, composes, acts, and directs this film. Satya Jyothi produces this film. It’s what you would expect from Aadhi. The film has all ingredients that is specially targetted at his fanbase. Doltish comedy, hyperbolic friendship, spun-sugar romance and generous histrionics. It takes some time to understand the equations and the premise. The first half is a terrible mess and in … Continue reading SIVAKUMARIN SABATHAM – MOVIE REVIEW

Birds of Paradise(2021) Amazon Movie Review

This is very well shot with good camera moves. The score and production design help the experience so much and are effective. The storytelling is nuanced. The direction was on point. I really enjoyed the way the information was delivered. The tone was great. Sometimes I expected it to go some ways but it surprised me. Sometimes the movie moved between genres which I thought … Continue reading Birds of Paradise(2021) Amazon Movie Review