Critic Cryptic – B.U. Shreesha

Recently there was an earth shattering news in it was not Rajinikanth retiring from Tamil Cinema, no again, it was not Kamalhassan retiring from politics, hell no, it wasn’t Vijay starting a political party and definitely not Ajith competing in the 2020 MotoGP, it was the agreement that was made by the Producers and PRO’s of Kollywood who were unequivocal in the decision that … Continue reading Critic Cryptic – B.U. Shreesha

Furie (2019)

With the action sensibilities of John Wick blended with a thrilling Taken-esque story, and hugely entertaining martial arts action throughout, Furie is an absolute riot from beginning to end. It may slow down a little in the middle period, it’s a mostly rapid-fire, relentless affair that takes simple action thrills and turns them into immensely enjoyable popcorn viewing. There’s a lot to love about Furie, … Continue reading Furie (2019)

Gurkha (2019)

Produced, written and directed by Sam Anton, Gurkha has Yogi Babu playing the lead once again after “Dharma Puthran”. The first half takes longer than necessary to settle with the characters given more than the usual time to establish themselves. After a string of stupid conversations in the name of comedy the movie tries to “thrill” the viewers without forgetting to entertain in the name … Continue reading Gurkha (2019)

Extreme Job (2019)

Making good chicken is not an expressionless pursuit of frozen poultry, cellophane wrap and robotic assembly. A true cook understands that preparing a dish is a sacred art, honorific in the exchange of life. Excellent preparation and strategically calculated ingredients make for a perfectly balanced marinate sauce over succulent (yet crispy) chicken. This chicken is neither over or under fried, the sauce isn’t too sweet, … Continue reading Extreme Job (2019)