Passion Studios produces this film that is written and directed Deepak Sundarrajan. It gets a multi language release on Disney Hotstar. Kollywood is back to its favourite horror comedy now in fantasy mode. AS is truly and faithfully all the horror comedies watched before, an amalgamation of the usual haunted bungalow, revenge, stupid ghosts and rebirth. The screenplay is a sham that is enacted by … Continue reading ANABELLE SETHUPATHI(TAMIL) – MOVIE REVIEW


Produced by Seantoaa Films, FRIENDSHIP is written and directed by John Paul Raj. Legendary Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh plays the lead role and there has been a lot of buzz due to it.This script could have well been the usual template for the launch pad of a debutant young hero but ends up with Harbhajan Singh. Harbhajan’s recent love for “Tamil” after being associated with … Continue reading FRIENDSHIP – MOVIE REVIEW


Infiniti Film Ventures produce this film that is written and directed by “METRO” fame Ananda Krishnan. Like the title the film has all the trappings of an over the top mass commercial entertainer, but does it take off? With Vijay Antony as the hero the title sounds very bizarre. The first ten minutes is spent eulogizing the hero and that’s such a dampener to begin … Continue reading KODIYIL ORUVAN – MOVIE REVIEW

Chocolate(2008) Thai Movie Review

Chocolate is the perfect “acid test” to determine who are fans of action movies and who are not. How so? Let me explain. A true fan of action movies has the ability to overlook some flaws in film-making (e.g., script, acting, character development, etc.) if the action sequences are exceptional enough to make up for them. This is no different from fans of art-house dramas … Continue reading Chocolate(2008) Thai Movie Review

Kate(2021) Movie Review 

The second female John Wick rip off in just a month. Based on the trailer I had somewhat high hopes for this one, daring to believe it would deliver some classic John Woo style heroic bloodshed. Yet it’s another letdown, just like Jolt, Atomic Blonde, The Protégé and so many others. Mary Elizabeth Winstead does a fine job as the lead, but shares no chemistry … Continue reading Kate(2021) Movie Review 


Produced by Seven Screen Studios THUGHLAK DURBAR is Vijay Sethupathi’s second release this week and also gets a Sun TV release on Ganesh Chaturthi. The movie is written by Balaji Tharaneetharan and directed by Delhi Prasad Deenadayalan. TD opens up interestingly, but very soon gets mundane despite the “Anniyan” twist masked on “Amaidhipadai’s” face. Amaidhipadai attained a somewhat cult status, largely due to skilful direction … Continue reading THUGHLAK DURBAR – MOVIE REVIEW


DIKKILONA is produced by KJR studios and is written and directed by Karthik Yogi. After marauding horror films with comedy, Kollywood now pulverizes science fiction with comedy. DIKKILONA is a time travel script that feels like a Sundar C film co written by a 5th standard last bench science student. The comedy that the movie banks on is irascible while the characters compete among themselves … Continue reading DIKKILONA (TAMIL) – MOVIE REVIEW


LAABAM is produced by Vijay Sethupathi productions and is written and directed by the late Jananathan. The film is a posthumous release. Jananathan is known for peddling a particular dogma and this film is no different. In this film he educates viewers on economy, free enterprise, farming and what not. LAABAM suffers from egregious execution and horrendous screenplay. The characters are sketchy and the narration … Continue reading LAABAM (TAMIL) – MOVIE REVIEW


Produced and distributed by Zee studios THALAIVI is directed by Vijay and written Madan Karky. THALAIVI gets a delayed theatre and OTT release because of the then elections and the pandemic later. It’s a story that is not new to people who follow Tamil Nadu politics. A loose biography that is helped by a generous dose of drama, the first half is languid in its … Continue reading THALAIVI (TAMIL) – MOVIE REVIEW