Kaanekkaane (2021) Malayalam Movie Review

Malayalam Cinema is just kicking every competitor out by a margin when it comes to delivering quality content this year. Due to pandemic many films have decided to be on hold so we are getting less films which ultimately is causing less quality and not just quantity. While every other industry is struggling to deliver two to three classic movies in 2021 (including Hollywood), Malayalam … Continue reading Kaanekkaane (2021) Malayalam Movie Review


Prithiviraj Productions produces this film that is written by Anish Pallyal and directed by Manu Warrier. This is Manu Warrier’s debut Malayalam film. A socio political thriller, KURUTHI effortlessly deals with its characters communicating their ideologies and shades. The script calmly tries to underlie the message for the necessity of harmony without taking sides. There are no didactic sermons; just candid observations that are dropped … Continue reading KURUTHI (MALAYALAM) – MOVIE REVIEW(AMAZON PRIME)

Mumbai Police (2013) Malayalam Movie Review

Mumbai Police is a revelation. I cannot proclaim it to be the best thriller I have seen, but it has to be applauded for what it tries to accomplish. Roshan Andrews has gone a notch above the standard genre fare we have come to expect in Indian thrillers and gave us something which will, in turns, haunt and genuinely surprise. This is in no small … Continue reading Mumbai Police (2013) Malayalam Movie Review


Produced by Anto Joseph and written and directed by Mahesh Narayanan, MALIK is a political-crime drama that has the current OTT sensation Fahadh Faasil playing the lead. The movie gets an Amazon Prime release. Mahesh Narayanan is well known for his bumper hits “TAKE OFF” and “C U SOON” that the OTT crowd enjoyed making Fahadh Faasil a name to reckon with across the country. … Continue reading MALIK(MALAYALAM) – MOVIE REVIEW(AMAZON PRIME)


SARA’S is produced by Anantha’s Vision and written by Dr.Akshay Hareesh. The film is directed by Jude Anthany Joseph. SARA’S has a very apropos plot that almost every couple would have discussed and debated. What lets down the film is not the contrived plot but its shallow writing and burlesque characters. Superficial messaging is pertinent right through the film. Anna Ben does fine and delivers … Continue reading SARA’S (MALAYALAM)– MOVIE REVIEW(AMAZON PRIME)


Anto Joseph Film Company and AP International produce this film that is written by Sreenath V Nath and directed by Tanu Balak. The film gets an OTT release on Amazon Prime. The premise of CC is very interesting. A double cleft approach to a murder mystery is smart but unfortunately it shows more promise and is less impactful on screen. Lack of twists and unusual … Continue reading COLD CASE – MALAYALAM MOVIE REVIEW(AMAZON PRIME)


A thriller that is produced by Martin Prakkat, Ranjith, P. M. Sasidharan and written by Shahi Kabir. The film is directed by Martin Prakkat. Martin Prakkat’s last film was the critically and hugely successful “CHARLIE”. The movie begins craftily etching characters and their dimensions while slowly evolving the plot. NAYATTU’S screenplay is simple and taut never veering away from its “hunt” despite opportunities galore. It … Continue reading NAYATTU – MOVIE REVIEW(NETFLIX)


Produced by Bhavana studios JOJI is written by Syam Puskaran and directed by Dileep Pothan. This movie gets an AMAZON Prime release.. Loosely based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth JOJI is wonderfully scripted, amazingly cast and brilliantly directed. The film does not waste any time in establishing it’s characters that come in various hues while the screenplay is all poise in building up the tension. The writing … Continue reading JOJI(MALAYALAM) – MOVIE REVIEW (AMAZON)


IRUL (MALAYALAM) – MOVIE REVIEW (NETFLIX) IRUL is jointly produced by Anto Joseph Film Company and Plan J Studios. Directed by debutant Naseef Yusuf and written by a team of 5 writers, the film has a NETFLIX release. The movie begins at a very indolent pace, although the nervous ambience and atmosphere keeps the audience edgy. As the movie progresses on an expected route, albeit … Continue reading IRUL (MALAYALAM) – MOVIE REVIEW (NETFLIX)