Oruthee(2022) Malayalam Movie Review

Oruthee ( The Fire inside you ) Directed by VK Prakash starring Navya Nair in the lead role…

Story penned by S. Suresh Babu , bankrolled by Benzy Production…

Verdict of the Movie: Blockbuster, 5/5 ⭐

Story evolves around a common woman, Radhamani whose world belongs to her husband and 2 kids. For a better living, husband works in UAE as a painter and she working as a conductor in a boat in her hometown but still leading a peaceful life..

One fine day an incident which makes the fire inside her to fight against the atrocity done towards her by some biggies and for that till what extent she could go forms the rest part of the movie.

“Silence towards injustice is biggest crime” , this quote often being taken for granted by many social devils in our society and how the victims fails to get justice we have heard a lot, but here Balamani fights for it.

The screenplay had given a perfect backbone for the story as initially the story just travels around life of Radhamani but afterwards it takes a turn which just displays the pains, struggles taken by Radhamani to get her ultimate justice.

No lags at any point of time. Songs were ok…

Here applause to Navya Nair as its not only a perfect comeback for her but she also gave a motivation to those women’s who keeps silent against the injustice happens to them..

Overall a watchable family movie.

Review by skmenon1993


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