The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014)

Like John Woo’s ‘The Crossing’, Tsui Hark’s ‘The Taking of Tiger Mountain’ is set during the Civil War in the late 1940s; but instead of depicting the struggle between the People’s Liberation Army and the Nationalists, Tsui and his four other screenwriters pit a certain Unit 203 of the PLA against a band of ruthless bandits whose stronghold is located high up in the snowy … Continue reading The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014)

The Great Hypnotist (2014)

The Great Hypnotist offers an intriguing mixture of a psychological thriller and a mysterious drama. The movie convinces with a gloomy atmosphere from start to finish. With a length around one hour and a half without the credits, the film has solid pace and is coherent and consistent. The story is also very interesting and comes around with a few minor surprises and one twist … Continue reading The Great Hypnotist (2014)

Dumplings (2004)

Bai Ling – Casual and matured Miriam Chin Wah Yeung – Competitive and honest Others – Good Story – A woman sells the special dumplings which has the power to stay young. Abortion and foetus are the reason behind the secret ingredients used in the dumplings. Cinematography – Cool Screenplay – Slow Direction – Good Dumplings (2004) – This movie is about staying young by … Continue reading Dumplings (2004)