Final Recipe (2013)

Having premiered in various festivals in 2013 and 2014, Gina Kim’s Final Recipe had to wait two years to get released anywhere, and has still only come out in Mainland China. A South Korean-Thai production shot in English and Mandarin, it tells of Mark (Henry Lau), a student who was raised by his grandfather Hao (Chang Tseng), after his mother died and his father left on a business trip and … Continue reading Final Recipe (2013)

The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014)

Like John Woo’s ‘The Crossing’, Tsui Hark’s ‘The Taking of Tiger Mountain’ is set during the Civil War in the late 1940s; but instead of depicting the struggle between the People’s Liberation Army and the Nationalists, Tsui and his four other screenwriters pit a certain Unit 203 of the PLA against a band of ruthless bandits whose stronghold is located high up in the snowy … Continue reading The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014)

The Great Hypnotist (2014)

The Great Hypnotist offers an intriguing mixture of a psychological thriller and a mysterious drama. The movie convinces with a gloomy atmosphere from start to finish. With a length around one hour and a half without the credits, the film has solid pace and is coherent and consistent. The story is also very interesting and comes around with a few minor surprises and one twist … Continue reading The Great Hypnotist (2014)

Dumplings (2004)

Bai Ling – Casual and matured Miriam Chin Wah Yeung – Competitive and honest Others – Good Story – A woman sells the special dumplings which has the power to stay young. Abortion and foetus are the reason behind the secret ingredients used in the dumplings. Cinematography – Cool Screenplay – Slow Direction – Good Dumplings (2004) – This movie is about staying young by … Continue reading Dumplings (2004)