The Great Hypnotist (2014)

The Great Hypnotist offers an intriguing mixture of a psychological thriller and a mysterious drama. The movie convinces with a gloomy atmosphere from start to finish. With a length around one hour and a half without the credits, the film has solid pace and is coherent and consistent. The story is also very interesting and comes around with a few minor surprises and one twist that might be predictable for genre experts but that is still greatly executed because the movie offers many clues and details to the viewers. This immersive film is quite intellectual and offers some food for thought and debates long after you have watched it.

The story revolves around a famous psychologist who uses hypnosis to make his patients fight their inner demons. One day, the case of a troublesome woman who believes to see ghosts around her but doesn’t understand their purpose is referred to the psychologist. It turns out that this isn’t only going to be his most complex but also his most personal case.

There aren’t too many negative elements to mention in this very good film. What bothers me a little bit is the fact that the two main characters are hard to symapthise with at first contact. The psychologist is full of himself while the patient acts in a hostile way. Some of these behaviors are explained towards the end and the last third of the film changes the initial perceptions completely. Still, the slightly antipathic characters make an initial approach to the film somewhat difficult. However, your patience will be rewarded by the end of the movie.

In the end, you should watch The Great Hypnotist if you like psychological thrillers or mysterious dramas. This movie stands out with its challenging story that requests the viewers to immerse themselves fully into a highly atmospheric film. Thanks to a gloomy atmosphere, this film is best enjoyed on a lonely night at home.


Review by Kluseba


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