Capmaari (2019)

The film is produced by Green Signal and is written and directed by S.A.Chandrashekar.

Kollywood’s “green signal” for adult comedy is getting the thumbs up every year and this film tries to up the benchmark yet again with an overdose of double “meaners” that most filmmakers assume is the most vital ingredient in such films. Wine and women is what all this film talks, ridicules and enjoys. There are many moments in the film that are very cringe worthy. The so called comedy is as flat as the scriptwriter’s acumen. What can you say about a film that has its motive on being just “grotty?” and a team that thinks below its belt.

Jai, Athulya, Vaibhavi all fool around in this film without any conviction.

The team behind the camera go all out to make the film much more grotesque and there is nothing that is point worthy to comment. Be it the noisy indulgent songs or the generous editing. Dialogues are pathetic and direction by the veteran is cowering.

CAPMAARI is another successful attempt by SAC to showcase his floundering regressive intellect.




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