Squid Game (2021) Korean Web Series

Squid Game. Wow. Korean. Best description? Uncomfortably genius! (Kind of disturbing – small warning but still) I mean there are some elements of The Game and Hunger Games, but this is bigger, more catastrophic in a different way, more clever, plays on psychological aspects, with a touch of closeness between some participants. Its intensely catchy and totally insane. Its set in a today’s society with … Continue reading Squid Game (2021) Korean Web Series

Heart Blackened(2017) Korean Movie Review

The Korean mystery-thriller “Heart Blackened” is a remake of the 2013 Chinese film “Silent Witness,” but neither title properly sells this alternately glitzy and tawdry tale of crime among the super-rich. “Death of a Pop Star” would’ve been grabbier. Or perhaps “Murder-in-law.” Choi Min-sik stars as Im Tae-san, a corporate titan about to marry the ultimate trophy wife: Yuna (Lee Ha-nui), a young singing superstar. … Continue reading Heart Blackened(2017) Korean Movie Review

Diary of June(2005) Korean Movie Review

I think that one of the main differences between Asian and Western cinematographies is that the first ones mix genres more widely than the second ones. The result is that Eastern movies use not to be so predictable as Western films, and this is applicable to commercial titles too. South Korean movies are a good example of this miscellany. Concretely, in “Diary of June” or … Continue reading Diary of June(2005) Korean Movie Review

Finding Mr. Destiny(2010) Movie Review

I’m pretty sure many will have fond memories of our first love, since it’s the time we experience falling head over heels over someone, which can be intoxicating, frightening, and for some, a period of time when all things seemed beautiful. For those who have moved on since then, there will be times when you wondered just how that person is faring currently, although technology … Continue reading Finding Mr. Destiny(2010) Movie Review

Seobok (2021) Korean Movie Review

Entertaining big-budget sci-fi thriller. I have to say I mostly got what I wanted out of it, and that’s a mix of pathos, road film and some action for good measure. It does have its shortcomings that keep it from being great, though. Imagine having a male Asian version of Eleven from Stranger Things. Then give him a Frankenstein-type backstory and pair him with a … Continue reading Seobok (2021) Korean Movie Review

The King’s Case Note (2017)

If you liked Robert Downing Jr’s interpretation of Sherlock Holmes in A Game Of Shadows, then rejoice because The Kings Case Note is the same film – same characters, same tone, and a plot heavily influenced by The Hound Of The Baskerville, plus some generic “intrigue in the court” plot thrown in. Likeable characters, occasional humor, just a touch of Wuxia, a pretty solid production … Continue reading The King’s Case Note (2017)

Derailed (2016)

DERAILED is another dark action film from South Korea that becomes hard to forget after it ends. It’s a film which is so real in presentation that it’s hard to believe it’s really just a fictional film. It has got a high amount of action and it’s shot extremely well, but it’s a different kind of action film which doesn’t intend to provide merely escapist … Continue reading Derailed (2016)

Deliver Us from Evil (2020)

‘Deliver Us from Evil’ is surprisingly impressive. The directing and cinematography was perfection. Camera colours, shots and angles were top-shelf. The writing is good for an action film. A great story that was cleverly written. The action sequences were expertly choreographed. The score was great and fitting, without being overbearing. Casting and performances were outstanding. The little Korean girl was so adorable. Filmmaker, Won-Chan Hong … Continue reading Deliver Us from Evil (2020)