Unlocked(2023) Korean Movie Review

The central idea behind this movie revolves around the terrifying notion of someone having unrestricted access to your smartphone and the havoc they could wreak on your life.

The plot follows the story of an enigmatic serial killer who has a penchant for stealing the smartphones of his victims, using them to track and ultimately take their lives. Set in the digital age, the film highlights the dangers of cybercrime and the consequences of having your identity stolen.

The narrative centers around a young, ambitious woman with a promising future. However, her life takes a harrowing turn when her smartphone is stolen, and her identity is manipulated by the thief. The film also features a seasoned detective on the hunt for his missing son, and as their paths converge, the story reaches a dramatic climax.

Overall, the movie is a gripping watch that keeps you engaged from beginning to end. While not quite as re-watchable as some of the other standout Korean films, like “I Saw The Devil” and “The Man From Nowhere,” “Unlocked” is still an excellent film that is well worth your time.

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