The Collini Case (2019) Movie Review

You will enjoy this movie, if you like good courtroom dramas, especially in the second hour it’s really enjoyable and thrilling till the end. For me the first hour was way to tedious, to slow-paced with a few unnecessary scenes. The movie is about the first case of a young lawyer. In the first place it seems the murder case is rather simple to clarify, … Continue reading The Collini Case (2019) Movie Review

In the Fade (2018)

Diane Kruger – Impressive performance as we could see all kind of emotions through her eyes and expressions. Multi-skilled artist and way to go! Denis Moschitto – Justified Johannes Krisch – Competitive performance Others – Perfect Story – A woman who lost his husband and child in the bomb blast and her revenge towards the enemies Cinematography – Well done Screenplay – Nervy Direction – … Continue reading In the Fade (2018)