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The Collini Case (2019) Movie Review

You will enjoy this movie, if you like good courtroom dramas, especially in the second hour it’s really enjoyable and thrilling till the end. For me the first hour was way to tedious, to slow-paced with a few unnecessary scenes.

The movie is about the first case of a young lawyer. In the first place it seems the murder case is rather simple to clarify, but on the second look there is much more behind the curtain as you can imagine.

After a while i only wanted to know what really happened, but during the second hour i couldn’t look away from the tv screen. I think Elyas M’Barek can perform a lot better but the rest of the main cast is acting pretty well.

Cheers, Boyka

Review by Major_Fletcher

Victoria (2015)

When I saw the trailer of Victoria I was really interested in the movie, because I am a fan of Sebastian Schipper, who directed also “Absolute Giganten”, one of the best German movies in recent years. German cinema had to struggle in the last years, too many movies about the German past or really bad and soulless comedies flooded the market. Only really few risks were taken and some of them were pretty good E.g. “Zeit der Kannibalen”, but for the most part they sucked.

So…there comes Victoria, a movie by a experienced director, with (for the most part) unknown faces in the cast, a really small crew and shot in a single take in a night in Berlin. Latter is something truly unconventional for a German film, so I went into the theater expecting a good unconventional German movie.

What I got was a masterpiece. Victoria is not only the best German movie in years, but (IMHO) the best movie of the year yet. The tracking shot in the movie isn’t only there for effect and a showcase of the cinematographers talent, but a essential part of the films main story, that unfolds around a Spanish girl named Victoria, that meets a bunch of “real Berlin guys”, so they call themselves, in the middle of the night. You experience the story of Victoria in real time, you see live character development for instance.

That, the down to earth acting and plot make the movie so incredibly immersive that it becomes something completely new and fresh, which is incredibly rare in recent years. I don’t want to give away more about the plot, so I’ll talk about the acting. The acting in this movie is fantastic, the dialogue is actually completely improvised, so that the actors, especially the fantastic Laia Costa and Frederick Lau, become these characters in those 140 minutes and it feels real. It feels like they are actual existing persons.

The cinematography is brilliant, Sturla Brandth Grøvlen does a fantastic job in accompanying the main characters and even if there are some shaky parts, which was expected, its never annoying and the viewer becomes the camera. Another aspect of this movie that I adored was the soundtrack. It was perfectly suited in supporting the atmosphere and hypnotic.

I left the theater speechless, what happens in the final act will either throw you off, or you will be completely exhilarated. Either way: Watch this movie and support movies with original concepts, only like this we will continue to get better movies than the usual dog**** from Hollywood and co.

Victoria is a truly exhilarating masterpiece and the first time I felt like watching a new kind of cinema in a long time. Go and watch it. Its worth it.


Review by kamille-roboter

In the Fade (2018)

Diane Kruger – Impressive performance as we could see all kind of emotions through her eyes and expressions. Multi-skilled artist and way to go!
Denis Moschitto – Justified
Johannes Krisch – Competitive performance
Others – Perfect
Story – A woman who lost his husband and child in the bomb blast and her revenge towards the enemies
Cinematography – Well done
Screenplay – Nervy
Direction – Neat
In the Fade (2018) – Honest! One of the best German movie of recent times. It’s a simple story executed with lively direction and justifying screenplay. This movie was more of reality and each character portrayed their best. I could’t even find single flaw in the movie. Matching background music and casting. Definitely worth watching.