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THAEL is an action thriller written and directed by Hari Kumar. The film opens up acknowledging the source of its idea to a South Korean film. THAEL is produced by Gnanavel Raja.

THAEL begins with a dead pan attitude, not because of the sleep walking hero who wakes up only after 30 minutes into the film, the screenplay in itself is flat. The comedy looks forced and doesn’t belong to the story. The song and dance look totally foreign to the plot. The twist is easily visible from a distance and hence robs viewers of the thrill to guess. There are many logical loopholes that can swallow a buffalo. The second half manages to build some pace after a crawling first half. Despite an absorbing plot the execution falters.

Prabhudeva seems to be on a comeback deluge, but has delivered an honest performance. Samyukta Hegde “pops” in and out. Eswari Rao has more to do and does well. Yogi babu is annoying.

Vignesh vasu’s cinematography is effective. C.Sathya’s background score is neat while the songs are forgettable. Praveen’s editing is good. Dialogues are OK while direction is decent.

THAEL has venom but moves at a snail’s pace.





KVS is an action drama film written and directed by S.R. Prabhakaran and produced by Redhan The Cinema People

It would not take much to guess the premise of the film when the names associated with the films are known for a particular cause. So we do have a series of lectures on what happened then and what ought to happen now. These unintelligible sermons with some silly romance and idiotic comedy make up most of the revenge drama that has some passable action. The writer has invested all his money on the only surprise in the film and left the rest to chance.

Sasi Kumar looks decent except when he attempts to romance. Madonna Sebastian is the one to blame for his discomfort and she does just that in the film. Samudrakanni’s stiff necked perfomance is as usual. Soori is disappointing. Mahendran is neat.

Ekambaram’s cinematography is good. Thomas’s background score is below par and songs do not stick. Editing by Don Bosco is lethargic. Dialogues are bad and direction is shoddy.

KVS doesn’t disappoint in championing hypocrisy shamelessly while preaching social reforms.





ENNA SOLLA POGIRAI is a romantic film written and directed by A. HariharanHariharan. The film is produced by A.Ravindran.

The film has a not very original or novel plot. Relationships are neatly worked out and with everything set the film then drags imminently. When predictability sets in and with nothing solid to offer the film loses steam and gets a bit tedious. The film is largely verbose and with many silent moments can be quite a test to please all. The comedy is pathetic.

Ashwin Kumar, despite his controversial statement off the screen has delivered a confident and mature performance. If he can watch out his mouth he is someone to watch out for. Teju Ashwini is equal to the task and is neat. Avantika looks miscast despite being okay. Pugazh is lame and boring.

Richard Nathan’s cinematography is good. Vivek Merwin’s music is adequate but lacks the magic required for a romantic drama. Durairaj’ editing is lazy. Dialogues are average and direction okay.

ENNA SOLLA POGIRAI ends up flat despite convincing performances.





Naai Sekar is a comedy film written and directed by debutant Kishore Rajkumar and produced by Kalpathi S. Aghoram under the banner AGS Entertainment.

The film starts off by requesting viewers to mute their logic and reasoning arguments. A supposedly fantasy comedy that the makers call this film, the film is a 2 hours ridiculous attempt at entertainment based on a template that would not have pleased even the kids of the 70s. The plot can be forgiven for being outrageously silly but the execution is abmysal. The climax manages to bring some long awaited smiles.

Satish has worked hard and it shows. Especially in the song and dance sequence. Pavithra Lakshmi is found wanting in a small role. Shankar Ganesh is good. The rest are loud as you can expect in such films.

Praveen Balu’s cinematography is average. Ajesh music is normal. Dialogues are standard. Direction is plain.

NAAI SEKAR is a character made very popular by Vadivelu. This film just managed to corrupt it.





Carbon is a thriller written and directed by Sreenivasan. The feature film is produced by A Bhagyalakshmi, Jothi Murugan and Sreenivasan.

CARBON starts off curiously like a decent thriller would do. The screenplay is engaging almost through out the 115 minutes that the film runs except the songs that act like a speed breaker. Despite a decent script the execution lacks finesse and whenever the logical loopholes and inconsistencies appear it looks prominent because of the film’s very basic presentation.

Vidharth does well as you would expect. Dhanya stands out with a very good performance. Munnar Ramesh and Marimuthu do well.

Vivekananda Santhosham’s cinematography is neat. Sam CS music is okay despite some deja vu. Praveen K ‘s editing saves this film. Dialogues are average and direction good.

CARBON could have been much better than what it turned out to be





Anbarivu is an action drama film written and directed by debutant Aswin Raam and is produced by Sathya Jyothi Films

After horrifying viewers with horror comedies TFI is now on a “family entertainer” trip. The typical unusually usual crowded homes, marriage, sentiments and melodrama make up such films and they have turned out successful too in recent times. ANBAARIVU is built on the same template with the hero in dual roles and has generous dose of TFI ideology that looks forced than natural. Not to forget their complete disregard for what they preach in terms of naïve execution and logic.
Aadhi keeps hopping true to his name and does the same in both the roles. Kashmira Pardeshi keeps oscillating between wearing her apron and dancing. Shivani has very little to do. Vidharth is decent. Sai Kumar and Asha Sharath are OK too.
Madesh Manickam’s visuals are good. Aadhi’s music is loud and uninteresting. Dialogues are OK and direction for a debutant is middling.
ANBAARIVU is a multi task watch on OTT..





Atrangi Re is an Indian Hindi-language musical romantic drama film directed by Aanand L. Rai. Produced by T-Series, Colour Yellow Productions and Cape of Good Films, this film premiered on Disney Hotstar in Hindi and Tamil.

The film takes off paying respects to Anand Rai’s archetypal template of falling in love for no reason along with Bollywood’s incessant enthralment for the South of India ( to Bollywood it begins and ends with Tamil Nadu impenitently). With the recipe already set, AR concocts a grotesque plot. Then on it is one lengthy calamity of commonsense, rationale and sensibility that the flaky characters manage to connive a love triangle out of. The humour is as flat as a band-aid and the complex emotions that arise out of this silly travesty look hilarious.

Akshay Kumar looks old and jaded especially in the company of Sara Khan who does her bit and yet falls short. Dhanush doesn’t sparkle in this loosely written role of his. The rest make up the numbers.

Pankaj Kumar’s cinematography is good and lively. ARR’s music is above average and adds to the mix. Hemal Kothari could have done away with a few during editing. Dialogues are average and direction is listless.

ATRINGE RE conspires and colludes to con the viewer..






THALLI POGADHEY is a romcom-drama film directed and produced by R. Kannan. This film is a remake of Telugu film Ninnu Kori. The film is produced by R. Kannan himself under the banner Masala Pix, in association with MKRP Productions.

Romcoms are usually fun with some predictable drama of separation and togetherness. THALLI POGADHEY is anything but that though it has an unusual plot.The film makes a sedate and boring start and then on the screenplay gets ridiculous. The characters are on a free fall and have no rhyme or reason for their silly actions. The chemistry between the lead pair is leaden and the humour is wooden.

Atharva needs to do much more than just look smart. Anupama parameshwaran doesn’t impress. Amitash pradhan is neat.

Shanmuga Sundar’s cinematography is normal. Gopi Sunder, who was the composer for original film composes music for this film also and is very average. Selva RK’s editing is plain. Dialogues are standard and direction below par.

THALLI POGADHEY is a big yawn..





WRITER is an action drama film written and directed by debutant Franklin Jacob and produced by Neelam Productions in association with Golden Ratio Films, Little Red Car Films and Jetty Productions.

When Pa Ranjith’s name is associated with a film it’s an easy guess to predict and identify the division of characters in the film. WRITER is no different. The film is yet again a take on police reforms and like always it is one vs the other with the usual suspects associated with Ranjith’s films. Hence more than the issue on hand it becomes imperative to identify the characters and their denomination than the problem faced, as it is made to look like a particular denomination is the only affected lot, while the other end up the oppressors because of their sect. The screenplay is neat and it doesn’t digress in its single minded focus towards the issue.

Samuthirakani like always doesn’t surprise you. Hari Krishna is good. Dileepan and Ineya are okay. The support cast do well.

Cinematography by Pradeep Kaliraja is neat. Music by Govind Vasantha is good.Editing by Manigandam is okay. Dialogues are fine and direction for a debutant is tidy.

WRITER is Ranjith’s you vs me template adorned with personal symbols.





Rocky is a revenge action drama movie produced by C.R. Manoj Kumar under RA STUDIOUS and presented by Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan. The film is written and directed by Arun Matheswaran.

A very routine revenge drama that is hoisted on John Wick template and an interspersed screenplay ROCKY is blood and gore. A contrived environment and concocted Korean settings make this self indulgent film that banks more on it’s technical prowess to camouflage the reasoning. Limited characters with limited details drag this predictable fare that tries to amuse the viewer with its audacious violence that is raw in execution but faulty in logic. The long drawn out scenes and permissive execution can be a deal breaker.

Vasanth Ravi is impactful while Bharathiraja overacts. Rohini is normal and the child actress Anisha is impressive. The supporting cast is good.

Cinematography by Shreeyas Krishna is brilliant. Music by Darbuka Siva is amazing. The background score is terrific. Editing by Nagooran is neat Dialogues are good, while the debutant director is a talent to watch for

ROCKY is a blood feast dressed up in technical finesse.