Balaji Tharaneetharan after his well- received film “Naduvula konjam pakkatha kaanom” returns with “Seethakathi” after a long break. Passion studios produce this film and this is Vijay Sethupathi’s 25th film. The film makes an audacious start making the viewer wonder and as you kind of make try and get used to the happening on screen Balaji gives it a fine twist and from there on … Continue reading Seethakaathi(2018)

2.0 3D(2018)

Dr Vasigaran: Played by Rajinikanth as a go-getter scientist to perfection and scores in the emotional moments. Chitti: Played by Rajnikant has a blast in this audacious and super-fun role which he capitalised to a great extent after a long time. Pakshi Raja: Aka “Birdman” played by Akshay Kumar, a larger- than- life supervillain role buried under heavy make-up and graphics however his emotional past … Continue reading 2.0 3D(2018)