A Boy Called Christmas (2021) Movie Review

Oh dear, dear, dear. I was getting ready to watch “A Boy Called Christmas” and decided to first read a handful of early user reviews that were posted. I wish I hadn’t. While I always try to respect the opinions of most reviewers, positive or negative, there are a few that routinely post careless, negative comments, without much thought towards how it may impact not … Continue reading A Boy Called Christmas (2021) Movie Review

Encanto(2021) Movie Review

Disney Animation hasn’t impressed me in recent years because they’ve been more concerned with making films about flawless, marketable characters and it’s really hindered their ability to take risks and tell interesting stories. Encanto is a step in a much better direction. In fact, it’s probably the closest to a Pixar film that the studio has produced since Zootopia. There’s a theme at its core … Continue reading Encanto(2021) Movie Review

The Snow White Murder Case Movie Review

The film starts with Noriko, a tall, young and attractive office lady of a cosmetics company that specializes in making ‘Snow White’ soap who was brutally stabbed several times and then burned in a national park. When a temporary news director, Akahoshi, who works at a news company hears some insider information from a friend, who works the same company as the victim, he decided … Continue reading The Snow White Murder Case Movie Review

Dune(2021) Movie Review

Despite being a fan of sci-fi and fantasy fare, I had never read Frank Herbert’s “Dune” novel. To be honest, the plot summaries of trade wars and odd names didn’t exactly appeal to me. So, I came into this film armed only with the expectations that director Dennis Villeneuve (one of my favorite film helmsmen) would probably do a good job with the material. That … Continue reading Dune(2021) Movie Review


MAANADU is produced by Suresh Kamatchi and written and directed by Venakat Prabhu. The film was to release for Diwali and had to undergo tense moments before it got released today. A sketchy plot, an average screenplay mounted on a sci fi concept, MAANADU begins rather boringly and it is when the loop begins that the movie starts making sense. There is a communal angle … Continue reading MAANADU – MOVIE REVIEW


Produced by RK Entertainment SABATHY is yet another continued tryst for Santhanam to be one among the bankable stars of Kollywood. There is a sense of average expectation that is usually associated with Santhanam films and this film is no surprise. The film is as evident based on a handicap and yet behaves arrogantly when it showers senseless humour on the rest. Like most so … Continue reading SABAPATHY – MOVIE REVIEW


Produced by RSVP movies, DHAMAKA is a remake of 2013 Korean film “TERROR LIVE”. The film was initially supposed to be a heroine centric film, but then due to casting difficulties the makers turned it into a hero centric film. DHAMAKA has an interesting premise, but that is just not enough. The screenplay is a desultory hackneyed execution of a thin plot that fails to … Continue reading DHAMAKA – MOVIE REVIEW(NETFLIX)

Escape from Mogadishu(2021) Movie Review

Escape From Mogadishu is South Korea’s Argo. Director Ryoo Seung-wan has masterfully told the dramatic story of the 1990 revolution in Somalia and the impact of the Diplomatic missions of North and South Korea. This Well Go USA release is based upon a series of real events that brought the rival diplomats of a formerly unified country together to save the lives of their women … Continue reading Escape from Mogadishu(2021) Movie Review


A much hyped time loop movie, JANGO is written and directed by Mano Karthikeyan. The film is produced by CV Kumar. JANGO begins rather unimpressively. The first 30 minutes looks like a propagation tool of a particular Tamil news channel. Then on the screenplay is marred by some dreadful performances and bored writing. The characters are loosely etched and they are largely incoherent. It is … Continue reading JANGO – MOVIE REVIEW