The 12th Man (2017)

Thomas Gullestad – Speechless! Most deserving performance. Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Perfect. Others – Well done! Story – After a failed anti-Nazi sabotage mission leaves his 11 comrades dead, Norwegian resistance fighter finds himself fleeing from the Gestapo through the snowbound reaches of Scandinavia. Cinematography – Best Screenplay – Nail-biting Direction – Topnotch The 12th Man (2017) – Classic! This film has received an academy … Continue reading The 12th Man (2017)

Affairs of State (2018)

David Corenswet – Steals the show! Adrian Grenier – Realistic Grace Victoria Cox – Cute. Thora Birch – Bold. Others – Managed Story – A young campaign aide sleeps with the wife and daughter of the presidential candidate ends up in a mess. Cinematography – Good Screenplay – Slow Direction – Ok Affairs of State (2018) – Human and political affair! It’s a simple and … Continue reading Affairs of State (2018)

Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018)

Sylvester Stallone – Less scope to perform and for name sake. Dave Bautista – Completed wasted with no scope to score. Xiaoming Huang – His stunts are stunning. Others – Just In Story – A security expert who uses his skills to test out the reliability of his maximum security prison made of AI technology. Cinematography – Bad Screenplay – Sloppy Direction – Below par … Continue reading Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018)

7 Days in Entebbe (2018)

Rosamund Pike – Lively and neatly done. Daniel Brühl– Positive. Eddie Marsan – Whichever role he does, he rocks. Others – Honest Story – Based on the true event happened in 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight en route from Tel Aviv to Paris, and the most daring rescue mission ever attempted. Cinematography – Moderate Screenplay – Average Direction – Simple 7 Days in … Continue reading 7 Days in Entebbe (2018)

Beirut (2018)

Rosamund Pike – Such a casual and honest performance. Jon Hamm – Smart! His dialogue delivery were excellent. Mark Pellegrino – More of guest role Others – Justifying Story – During the civil war period in beruit, CIA officers sends a U.S. diplomat to negotiate life of his friend in exchange for terrorist life. Cinematography – Matching Screenplay – Smooth Direction – Directed Beirut (2018) … Continue reading Beirut (2018)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

Chris Pratt: As Owen, he brings down the so-called dude factor & emanates a lean-&-mean genuineness. Justice Smith: A tech-geek who’s frightened to stay in the ditto room like a T.Rex, he is strongly appealing. Bryce Dallas Howard: Projects an obvious concern for the antique revived creatures of God. Rafe Spall: As Mills, he plays the bad guy, planning to sell-off the dinosaurs so that … Continue reading Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)