The Witch: Part 1 – The Subversion (2018)

A young girl escapes an unexplained bloodbath from an isolated facility in the middle of the night. After a older couple find her unconscious on their property the next morning, they take her in a raise her as their daughter. Ten years pass and her parents are dealing with health and financial issues when her best friend has her audition for a talent show. She … Continue reading The Witch: Part 1 – The Subversion (2018)

Without Remorse (2021)

A generic shoot-’em-up that Hollywood used to do with Westerns ever since they began making movies. It doesn’t matter that there’s the military, espionage and geopolitical conspiracies involved in the Tom Clancy variation on the formula; it’s always the same thing. The baddie and his red herring are so obvious that one of them might as well be wearing a black hat. But, sure, the … Continue reading Without Remorse (2021)

The Sentinel (2006)

“The Sentinel” is an average-at-best action drama that does not come remotely close to reaching its potential. The entire movie feels rushed, with random details about each character’s past thrown at you in a poorly-written screenplay. The revelation of the true bad guy in conspiracy films normally elicits at least some form of surprise or intrigue; instead, in “The Sentinel” the character is far too … Continue reading The Sentinel (2006)

Innocence (2020)

‘Innocence’ begins intriguingly with a funeral in a backwater small town, whereupon the supercilious village mayor (Huh Jun-ho) and a number of the local townsfolk are poisoned after drinking rice wine laced with pesticide. The suspect is none other than the deceased’s wife Hwa-ja (Bae Jong-ok), who is taken into custody and promptly charged with the heinous act. As you would expect, the subsequent plotting … Continue reading Innocence (2020)


99 SONGS – MOVIE REVIEW 99 SONGS gets a huge buzz because of music composer ARR who not only composes music for the film but also is the story writer of the film. ARR along with Jio productions produce this film. The story of the film is as uninteresting as it can be. It’s bland, soulless and superficial. Flashbacks mar the already tedious proceedings and … Continue reading 99 SONGS – MOVIE REVIEW


Produced by 24HOURS Productions PARAMAPADHAM is written and directed by Thirugnanam. The film was supposed to have a theatre release in February and various factors has led to an OTT release. The story is a very contrived one and the script is hopelessly poor. Convenience seems to be main focus in the screenplay and plain common sense takes the boot. The characters are caricatures that … Continue reading PARAMAPADHAM(TAMIL) – MOVIE REVIEW (DISNEY HOTSTAR)