Produced by Jhabak movies this cop film is written and directed by Mugil Chellapan. Prabhu deva is back to Kollywood after a long hiatus and in a never before role. PM has the all the trappings of a cop movie, but only that it very well could be the movies of the 80’s if you could ignore the sparsely used gadgets of today. The romance … Continue reading PON MANICKAVEL – MOVIE REVIEW (HOTSTAR)

Let Him Go Movie Review

“Let Him Go” is like if Liz Cheney made a movie. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane act the hell out of this preposterous thriller that somehow manages to be nail bitingly exciting. They play good conservative Americans, the kind that own guns but use them responsibly to do things like shoot sick horses, and are really good at baking pies. Their son dies tragically and … Continue reading Let Him Go Movie Review

Red Notice (2021) Movie Review

Red Notice (2021) Movie Review

This is pretty much what you’d expect given the stars and the Netflix tag. I am a bit disappointed that this film took the lamest, most cliched route to the ending, but it’s a fairly fun and breezy film for the most part. Reynolds and Johnson are basically playing themselves as usual, which works pretty well as their banter keeps things humming along. There are … Continue reading Red Notice (2021) Movie Review


ENEMY is written and directed by Anand Shankar whose last film NOTA with Vijay Devarakonda was not much of a success. The film is pitted against ANNATHE this Diwali resulting in lesser number of theatres for the film. The makers of the film have been confident despite the odds. A supposedly action thriller the film opens up interestingly in establishing the two lead roles. Then … Continue reading ENEMY – MOVIE REVIEW


Sun Pictures produces this film that is written and directed by Siva. After Siva’s continuous association with Ajith for 4 films, Siva teams up with Rajinikanth for this 200 crore plus big budget film. Siva’s strength is his uncomplicated straight line script that rarely crosses the boundaries that he sets up. With a rural milieu that Siva is more comfortable with, the first half is … Continue reading ANNATHE – MOVIE REVIEW


Written and directed by T.J. Gnanavel and produced by 2D Entertainment. JAI BHIM gets an OTT release TJG had earlier written and directed KOOTATHIL ORUVAN. Based on a true incident that happened in 1993 of police sadism, the film begins without wasting time in establishing its contours. The deferential beginning is endearing as the movie slowly loosens its cannons and then on its bedlam. Not … Continue reading JAI BHIM – MOVIE REVIEW (AMAZON PRIME)


Produced by Passion Studios ENNANGA SIR UNGA SATTAM is written and directed by debutant Prabhu Jeyaram. The story revolves around the recent hullabaloo of nominating priests at temples. A supposedly “duplex” movie that has two different halves, the first half of the film drags through offering some reprieve later in the form of comedy and some interesting take on the subject. Post interval the film … Continue reading ENNANGA SIR UNGA SATTAM – MOVIE REVIEW(SONY LIV)