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7 Prisoners Movie Review

One of the best international films I’ve seen in a long time. It’s the opposite of what you’d expect from a Hollywood produced film about this topic. It’s a documentary styled story that feels as real as it gets. There’s barely a score throughout the film, but that silence in the scenes just makes it more realistically unsettling.

This is novice Brazilian writer and director Alexandre Moratto’s second only full length feature film, with only a handful of docu’s and shorts. What makes this film brilliant besides its perfect presentation, is how a universally know problem of being trafficked, also portrays the moral dilemma of when the victim is given the option to become the captor. And even that is a true reality.

The casting and performances are exceptionally realistic, and apparently one of the cast members with zero acting skills is a human trafficking survivor. The sets and locations are what you’d expect to see from slumdog gangsters in underdeveloped countries.

This film is a must see for everyone, as it’s told in such a way that you will not be prepared for it, it will leave you unsettled for a while, and at the very least, educate you in the most realest way possible – second only to being the victim or captor, about international human trafficking. It sure opened up my eyes.

Moratto is certainly an up and coming filmmaker to keep an eye out for. Bravo Netflix for yet another acquisition of such a gem of a film. A well deserved 8/10 from me.

Review by Top_Dawg_Critic

Operações Especiais (2015)

Cléo Pires – Bold and sexy
Others – Balanced
Story – A group of newly joined honest officers are sent to clear the high level crimes happening in the city to gain trust from the people
Cinematography – Committed
Screenplay – Average
Direction – Good
Operações Especiais (2015) – The performance was natural and also shows how women are treated when they are part of the team. It’s a Brazilian thriller with plenty of famous TV casting and one of the high budget movie in their industry. One time watchable.