Jolt 2021 Movie Review

That Kate Beckinsale, weighing all of a “buck-o-eight,” as it’s suggested at one point, beats up a bunch of burly goons without as much as getting a scratch on her doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the notion of an accountant being that buff. I mean, she’s got some whatever make-believe medical condition that gives her anger problems super strength, so that checks out … Continue reading Jolt 2021 Movie Review

Black Widow Movie Review Not sure what’s going on but I am sure that once you see the film you will also wonder: Is this movie boring and average OR it’s everything in the mcu boring after endgame..? Or it’s just me…? I watched black widow and like many reviewers here I share the same thoughts. This is a very average action flick that doesn’t … Continue reading

Spirit Untamed (2021)

LIKES: Animation is Good It’s Cute Has Some Character and Animal Love Family Friendly Moves Fast Okay Voice Acting Perfect For Target Audience DISLIKES: Predictable Design is mixed Shallow Character Development Little Adult Factor Little Suspense Moves Too Quick Lacks The “Spirit” of the Original The VERDICT Spirit Untamed is a cute movie that holds some good animation that is simple, fun, and something that … Continue reading Spirit Untamed (2021)

’The Ice Road’ Review

Liam Neeson’s latest, a modestly exciting disaster flick about a treacherous trek through Canadian tundra, is a Netflix-only deal that fires on partial cylinders. At times marred by subpar CGI, The Ice Road is a by-the-numbers thriller that exists nicely as empty calories, briefly formidable but ultimately forgettable. Assembled algorithmically, and dispensed derivatively, there’s nothing truly shiny about The Ice Road. In another life, this … Continue reading ’The Ice Road’ Review