No Exit(2022) Movie Review

This film is Damien Power’s second full length feature film as director, with only a handful of prior short films, and he does impress. His directing behind the camera, as well as directing his cast, is near perfect. This felt like a seasoned Hollywood pro directed it.

Then you have newb writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari who gave us a suspensefully paced cohesive screenplay with lots of thrills, twists, action and suspense. Sure, maybe they weren’t the crazy Hollywood-type thrills, but this toned down thriller felt very realistic.

The cinematography and score were excellent – also very surprising for a low budget B film. All casting and performances were spot-on, especially newb actress Havana Rose Liu in her only sixth-ever acting role, who nailed the emotional and painful scenes towards the end like a pro. It was also good to see our “safe drivers save 40 percent” Allstate dude, Dennis Haysbert.

This film is a great Saturday night popcorn flick, and am shocked how some critics slammed it, especially when it was such a well put-together low budget amateur production. It’s a very deserving 8.5 rounded up to a 9/10 from me.

Review by Top_Dawg_Critic


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