GULU GULU – Movie Review


Gulu Gulu is road action comedy film written and directed by Rathna Kumar and produced by Raj Narayanan’s banner Circle Box Entertainment. The film was distributed by Udhayanidhi Stalin under his banner Red Giant Movies.

A supposed dark comedy, GG based on its eccentric, yet dead pan protagonist fails to either charm or amuse. Perhaps Rathna Kumar decided the quirkiness would suffice. Sadly it doesn’t. Like always there is a lot of undercurrent in the film that touches upon various issues, but they hardly make an impact or make you smile, because the writing is confused between lampooning and sincerity. At times the script suffers from some pedestrian writing that kills whatever interest the viewer might want to invest. Too many characters, too many issues and tasteless incompatible writing drag the film downhill.

Santhanam is sufficiently OK. Pradeep Rawat is good While the rest are decent in parts.
Vijay Kannan’s cinematography is good, Santhosh Narayanan’s is happy to provide a trippy background score. Philomin Raj’s editing underperforms. Dialogues are decent while direction is above average.

GULU GULU stumbles, fumbles and gets swamped in its own ambition.





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