The Roundup(2022) Korean Movie Review

The Outlaws was a sleeper that became an unexpected hit in 2017. It was an action comedy with a nice balance of both comedy and action that was based on a true story called the Heuksapa Incident that occurred in Seoul in 2007 between two rival gangs.

After the original production schedule was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we finally have the sequel called The Roundup although the Korean title is The Outlaws 2 which is what it should’ve been for the English title as well to avoid any confusion.

If you’re a fan of Ma Dong Seok aka Don Lee, who is a former boxer turned actor, you will definitely like this movie. If you’re familiar with his filmography, particularly his action movies, there’s nothing new here to be found but he’s one of those actors that is so likeable that he could churn out a movie like this every year and it would still entertain you. It’s just a testament to the fact that he stated he made this movie for the fans and to de-stress anyone who have been struggling during the pandemic.

The Outlaws had interesting fleshed out characters in both the protagonists and villains who had just the right amount of screen time which probably also explained the longer run time than the sequel since it was based on a true story. Jang Chen, played by Yoon Kye Sang, was a great villain who at the end, got what he deserved.

In The Roundup with its shorter run time and based on a crime statistic (i.e. Korean tourists going missing in foreign countries every year) instead of a true story, the villains this time are not as interesting, and we don’t get to learn much about them other than the fact that they just kidnap tourists for money. The villain named Kang Hae Sang, played by an unrecognizable Son Seok Koo and his first foray into the action genre, is just as vicious if not as interesting as Jang Chen.

In terms of the action, you will get exactly what you expect: clean but brutal fight scenes as well as thrilling chases just like the original.

The comedy is just as good and, in some ways, better than the original and the movie will certainly make you laugh.

Overall, if you like The Outlaws, you will definitely like this movie too but don’t expect anything groundbreaking although some may like The Roundup even more than The Outlaws. And since it’s been reported that a third installment is in the works, hopefully we will not have to wait as long for the sequel.

Review by youngster-86545


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