VIKRANT RONA is fantasy-action-adventure-thriller film that is written and directed by Anup Bhandari. The film is produced by Kicha Creations. The film has had quite a hype because of its visual appeal and has had a pan India release.

VR has a fantastic premise and quite an intriguing setting. But that is the best thing about the film, while the script tries to consume much more than the plot could offer. The first half meanders without any direction despite a few interesting moments in patches. In the name of unravelling the plot director/writer slots scenes that make the screenplay largely incoherent until the interval. It is in the second half that the film takes off. Though not immediately, the second half gets into the groove slow and steady and by the time the film hits its sweet spot, the film ends with a fitting climax. Unfortunately it comes pretty late and ends pretty soon. The length of the film is definitely a disadvantage.

Sudeep delivers a solid performance. Nirup Bhandari is decent. Neetha Ashok is OK. Jacqueline Fernandez is a one song wonder. The rest are good.

The movie boasts of very good production design. William David’s cinematography is top notch. Ajneesh Loknath is the star of the film with a brilliant background score and pretty good songs. Ashik Kusugolli’s editing is a letdown. Dialogues are decent and direction is fine.
VIKRANT RONA doesn’t match the expectations it set, but is a onetime watch for its incredible milieu.





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