The Legend(2022) Tamil movie review

The Legend is an action film directed by J. D.–Jerry and written by Pattukotai Prabhakar. Saravana Productions produces this film. The film created a huge buzz with extensive and expensive promotions by the producer and hero Saravanan.

The plot of the film is nothing new, happily borrowed from various films, and yet the script. the screenplay is anything but interesting. A script suited for mass commercial box office stars TL suffers because of its protagonist. The presentation of the film looks more like a series of television commercials decked and burnished without any reach. Primary science and math are taught to the audience, not to forget the messiah’s sermons now and then. In the melee, the film’s message is lost among the din and fanfare that fails to impress one bit. The film ends up as an over-the-top commercial overcooked exorbitant potboiler that is hollow as you can get.

With a drugged makeup Saravanan continues his symbolic gait from the advertising screen to the big screen. Emotions are performed without battling an eyelid, literally. A huge insipid star cast keeps paying obeisance to the star throughout the film with nothing else to do. All try their best to act enamoured..

Velraj’s cinematography is neat. Harris Jeyaraj hasn’t worked hard and rehashes his old popular songs. Ruben’s editing is OK. Dialogues are average and direction below average.

THE LEGEND doesn’t surprise you for a second, so it doesn’t disappoint you..





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