Desierto (2015)

The border between the United States and Mexico is approximately 1,700 miles in length, stretching from the mouth of the Rio Grande at Brownsville, Texas, all the way to the Pacific shoreline at Imperial Beach, California. And much of it goes through some of the harshest and most forbidding land in the entire world, the Colorado and Sonoran deserts in California and Arizona. Each year, … Continue reading Desierto (2015)

The Nile Hilton Incident (2017)

Fares Fares – He is one of the best actor of the recent times. Top Notch Performance. Mari Malek – Honest Hania Amar – Beautiful Others – Supportive Story – A maid witnesses the murder of a woman where a police officer was assigned to investigate the murder but things expected to go different when higher people involved in the murder Cinematography – Crystal Clear … Continue reading The Nile Hilton Incident (2017)

Rust and Bone (2012)

Marion Cotillard – Her confidence level is topnotch and she is poetic Matthias Schoenaerts – Rough and Tough Others – Well Supported Characters Story – This movies revolves around a ex boxer who lives with his son, when he saves a woman(Dophin trainer) from a quarrel in the club and about their relationship which makes the movie special Cinematography – Cool Screenplay – Neat Direction … Continue reading Rust and Bone (2012)

Sex Doll (2016)

Hafsia Herzi – Hot, Amazing eyes and proved her acting. Others – ok Story – This movie is about escort girl and a teen guy who rescues trafficking girl and love of modern trend Music – Matching Cinematography – Better Screenplay – Slow Direction – Could have been much better Sex Doll (2016) – It’s a slow movie and one time watchable if you have … Continue reading Sex Doll (2016)