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GGVV is a crime thriller written and directed by Raj B Shetty, whose previous film was the fantastic “Ondu Motteya Kathe” that received critical acclaim all over. Produced by Paramvah Pictures, GGVV set up huge expectations and deservedly got a theatrical release before migrating to OTT(Zee5).

GGVV is a mutinous ode to the three titans Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara (creator, protector and the destroyer) and with these titular characters Raj B Shetty spins a newfangled tale of crime thriller that is riveting, fascinating and audacious. The subtle references to the Tridevs and their history cannot be missed as the creators etch out poetic narrative out of a ruthless crime story. GGVV is devoid of commercial elements like romance, comedy and even has just one woman in the entire film, but has blood and gore in abundance. Some scenes might look to be in a loop, there are some moments where the script is on a pause mode, but clever writing and brilliant filmmaking keeps the viewer engrossed throughout. The film does not glorify violence, but the rage is spellbinding until the end.

Raj B Shetty is phenomenal in his avatar as Shiv. Rishab B Shetty is the perfect foil as Hari. Gopal Krishna Deshpande shines as Brahmayya. The supporting cast hold fort.

Praveen Shriyan’s cinematography is captivating as it captures every small detail and as the editor he displays panache. Midhun Mukundan’s background score is redolent and impactful. Dialogues are neat and the direction is simply stunning.

GARUDA GAMANA VRISHABHA VAHANA is epic, bold and a must watch for film lovers.




Seetharaam Benoy Case Number Eighteen

Would totally suggest that you check out this movie! A lot has been said about the Malayalam/Tamil/Telugu movies in recent times, very rarely do we have a Kannada movie be talked about. This just might be one of them. (KGF doesn’t count in this context, don’t come at me)

The story revolves around a Cop who is out investigating a series of robberies , which is connected to something much larger. The film doesn’t beat around the bush and gets straight to the plot, no mirch masala, no comedy and drama. Good music, decent writing and the lead (apparently it’s his 50th movie and he’s legend there?) did a good job playing the role of a cop.

There is a bunch of cliche that the movie could have avoided but i didn’t mind it. The overall movie felt more of a crime drama than a crime thriller, it lacked that…..OMGWTH moment, it wasn’t…. thrilling, but don’t let that be a deal-breaker. Watch it just to support Kannada movies, because why not.

While it is neither the 10/10 that the general Sandalwood audience claims it to be and nor as bad as the movie critics say it is, it sure was a pleasant surprise. A solid 6.5 or 7, maybe. Nothing more, but nothing less.

So, if you’re into that and are looking for something new, check it out.

Review by TreeFiddy53


Pawan Kumar Studios produces this film that is written and directed by Esham Khan and Haseen Khan. The film gets an Amazon Prime release.

With Covid as the setting IKKAT weaves a smartly crafted tale with minimum fuss and characters. The simple script is fortified with some interesting and earthy humour. Its effortless narrative and amusing characterization is a huge bonus. Despite its linear presentation and single dimensional plot the film has some very striking moments.

Nagabhushan and Bhoomi Shetty are amazing and carry the film wonderfully well on their able shoulders. RJ Vikki is loud and yet is interesting. Sundar Veena is fantastic.

Lavith’s cinematography is good. Dossmode’s background score and music suits the genre of the film. Dialogues are good and direction for a debutant is quite promising..

IKKAT is an uncomplicated and a thoroughly enjoyable fare..




Yuvarathnaa (2021)

Saw this late show and got tired coming out. Had high expectations but failed to match.

First half felt in hurry and didn’t had any real emotional attachment for any character or the issue to connect. It feels deliberate, superficially created conflict just to start a story. There is no empathy for the scenario of the first act and most other characters felt cardboard props just there for hero. Though Prakash Raj had a bit of space to shine but still it didn’t had a story arc or anything which tells about him. Can’t reveal more. Everything in first half was so bland, spoon-feeding of who the hero is and his real life background is sprinkled thorough-out film as if it’s so gets in the way each frame.

Second half slightly shows a growth of story but revolves on the same lines and ends deliberately force feeding an educational message. Even jokes before and later a bit seems not good enough. Even Rajakumara the earlier movie of the director had similar issue. But Mr and Mrs Ramachari was good and that sequence of fights scenes were repeated. Even the song had so many of those nature to appease who you are watching and influences of other cinemas. I mean if you overdo hero appeasement it comes across fake, not so good. And that’s what it feels even though second half had some good bits but the ending doesn’t seem convincing because of how it started as there is no point of Prakash Raj’s act or how the movie starts.. There is last scene where hero cries holding a person it doesn’t have that depth of emotional attachment to the role itself.

Many actors were not used properly. Irony is the theme, the story what it’s conveying itself doesn’t seem holding up those principles.

Every actor including Hero holds great potential but felt not truly utilized to their strengths and ending being trophy pieces in every scenes. But for fan of actor, surely it’s good movie but as general audience its a decent one time watch movie. Go watch in theaters.

Review by rohitreviews

Birbal Trilogy (2019)

Birbal Trilogy: Case No. 1 (2019) Kannada, Movie review,

An engaging legal investigative thriller that has a fair share of comedy and an unique narrative style which is bound to impress.

Mahesh Das (M. G. Srinivas) is a young lawyer who is recruited by a reputed law firm and is handed the case of Vishnu (Vineeth Kumar). Eight years ago Vishnu was arrested and sentenced to jail for a murder he didn’t commit. How Mahesh with the help of his girlfriend Jahnavi (Rukmini Vasanth) and his associate Shastri (Sujay Shastry) finds justice for Vishnu and unmasks the real killer is the rest of the story.

The highlight of the movie is it’s unique narrative style that focusses on the viewpoint of four characters, while not losing the element of suspense and yet very much comprehensible for any average moviegoer. The suspense and the storytelling progression is adeptly laced with comic moments that does not deter the attentiveness of the audience.

Writer-Director-Actor M. G. Srinivas does a commendable job in all the three departments. Acting wise, Vineeth Kumar will definitely catch your attention. He convincingly portrays the journey of Vishnu from an innocent boy to a shocked, panicked, broken, bitter, angry, helpless and finally into a man who has been granted hope. The cinematography by Bharath Parasuram is very good. His camera captures the hustle and bustle of Bengaluru and the rainy scenes with an expert hand. However, the editing is a big letdown as the movie feels too long and an effective edit would have enhanced the movie quality. The screenplay also should have been better adjusted.

Summing up, Birbal is a very exciting watch that should be in your viewing list.

Review by indibap

Aa Karaala Ratri (2018)

This movie may be considered as Dark version of the movie Director special , most of philosophy is same . But this movie stands highlighting negative aspects in better way . Also the sad climax is also much better than the Director special.

Also most of scenes are comparable , as Rangayana Raghu plays father role is both the movies .

Great cinematography 10/10 for it . If not watched Director special you will feel this movie is one of the best movie in recent times.

Maybe even Director special was also inspired by the book /play this was based .So no complaints , it is a worth watch movie.

Review by amruthgowda

Gultoo (2018)

When I heard Gultoo for the first time, I was wondering what could it mean.
After watching it, and understanding it, I have just 1 word to describe it. Outstanding!!
Typically movies are considered as entertainment, but Gultoo goes to the next level and becomes Entertainment + Information = Infotainment.
In an era where 95% of our lives are spent online , Gultoo may as well be the most contemporary movie produced yet by any cinema industry.
I would classify it as a world movie, and recommend each and and everyone to watch it. This is a very important movie at these times.
Janardhan Chikkanna, take a bow.
Naveen Shankar is a revelation.
Sonu Gowda is elegant and beautiful as always.
Music by Amit Anand is refreshing.
A great and successful start-up indeed

Review by Uday Bhagwat

Bell Bottom (2019)

“SuuuPer Film” From Start To End Full Comedy , Full Twist & Turn, As This Film Takes Us Back To The 80’s & Recreating An ERA Is Not A Easy Task Which Has Been Carefully Done In This Movie. Be It Jawa Bike Or Vespa Scooter Everything Has Been Chosen Perfectly.

Rishab Shetty Is A Good Director & Now He Proved Everyone That He Is Not Only A Gr8 Director But Also A Good Actor, His Comic Sense & Linking His Facial Expression With Dialog Delivery Is Exceptionally Good, He Also Proved That He Is Not Defective Digambara But He Is Detective Diwakara 😂

Director #Jayatheertha Has Wonderfully Directed The Movie In Such A Way That We Keep Wondering What Happens Next.

Enjoyed Every Moment Of This Film, Till The End We Will Not Be Able To Guess Who Is The Culprit & After Knowing Who Is The Culprit We Will Come To Know That He Is Not The Real Culprit 😂🤣😂 … To Understand This U Really Need To Watch This Movie.

Review by gunashetty

Dia (2020)

“A pure, simple & realistic piece of cinematic magic, evoking very strong emotions!”

After his spectacular debut with the horror movie ‘6-5=2’ which had taken the Kannada movie industry by storm way back in the year 2013, garnering accolades from all over the world and it being remade in Hindi & Telugu, director KS Ashoka is back with a masterpiece! This film which captures an emotional journey of love, will add another feather to his cap.

The story of this film revolves around an introverted girl named Dia and her complicated love life which unfolds in the most unexpected way possible. Dia’s life changes in drastic ways causing her great amount of confusion, emotional stress and also sometimes happiness! The film mainly explores how “life is full of surprises & miracles!”

The way the plot unfolds is truly magical! This film has a very simple screenplay with each of the elements in it being exceptionally pure and natural. It has the power to evoke very strong emotions in you with its realistic look and approach. Due to the subtle nature of the film, the viewer just gets absorbed into the story in no time!

The film captures the innocence of the characters very effectively. There are no unnecessary elements in the storyline and also there are no song sequences, which makes this film connect very well with the class audience or particularly those who appreciate sensible and meaningful cinema.

The director deserves a pat on the back for bringing out this kind of timeless cinema which one doesn’t get to watch usually in Sandalwood. The story plays with the viewer’s emotions, showing the unpredictable nature of life. However at the end, he leaves the viewer dumbfounded with a scene which one would have never even imagined! This one scene could hamper the viewer’s opinion about this film, mainly those who would have been expecting something with optimism!

The background score by Ajaneesh Loknath is soul stirring! Especially the theme song will keep echoing in your ears even after coming out of the theatre! The cinematography and editing is also praiseworthy with many scenes captured beautifully through the camera lens.

Each of the actors in this movie contribute immensely to the success of this film. Kushee as Dia gives out a spectacular performance while portraying the heart-touching emotions effortlessly! Pruthvee Ambaar steals your heart with his enthusiastic performance and he beautifully carries out his role in a calm & relaxed manner. Experienced artist Pavithra Lokesh doles out an elegant performance.
Dheekshith also impresses in a heart touching role.

To sum up, this movie has a powerful story coupled with some heart touching performances, enough to stand out amongst the best love stories that have come up in the recent times! If you like meaningful films & those with very strong emotions, without any bit of commercial content, then you shouldn’t miss this gem of art!

Review by Raghavendra Rao

Avane Srimannarayana (2019)

Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah and H. K. Prakash jointly produce this fantasy adventure that is written by Rakshit Shetty, Chandrajith Belliappa, Abhjith, Anirudh, Nagarjun and Abhilash. Sachin Ravi directs this film. The trailer of this film generated quite a buzz among film buffs.

ASN takes its own sweet time to set the mood of the film. Like the characters in the film, the film sets out lazily despite its curious opening. The film transports you effortlessly into its fantasy groove, embarking on an adventure that has some mouth watering and fun filled moments, helped by some amazing performance from the entire cast. What works for the film is its resistance in being formulaic as it cleverly weaves myth, logic and ingenuity, notwithstanding the premise being open to be unabashedly over the top. Yet, with a wonderful state of affairs and just the right kind of screenplay, the film does stumble in not elevating itself to an altogether different altitude despite promising so much to do so surreptitiously, and yes it could have been shorter by at least 20 minutes.

Rakshit Shetty is in top form as he delivers an impish, confident and knockout performance as Sriman Narayana. Achyuth Kumar is in scintillating form along with Shanvi Srivatsava who holds her own in a nicely written role. Balaji Manohar as the antagonist makes his presence felt. Pramod Shetty too delivers. The rest of the cast do their best to give out a wholesome experience.

Technically ASN is splendid. The production design is one of the best in recent times. Karam Chawla, the cinematographer does a fantastic job. Ajneesh Loknath shows why he is one of the best talents around. Sachin Ravi’s editing could have been largely compromised by Sachin Ravi the director. Dialogues are fun while Sachin Ravi as the director is brilliant.

AVANE SRIMANNARAYANA is brazenly inventive and audacious in its film making. Yes it could have raised the bar further and been shorter. But then it is not short of fun, music and entertainment and deserves a MUST WATCH..