BANARAS is a romantic film written and directed by Jayatheertha and produced by Tilakraj Ballal. The film was set to be released early 2021 but was postponed due to COVID.

BANARAS does not begin in Banaras and makes quite an impressive beginning. The first few minutes, especially the science behind it makes for an interesting start but then in 15 minutes the film goes the way most of these youthful romantic films take. Then on there is nothing worthwhile that happens on screen that interests the viewer. It’s the same stale screenplay until the interval, while in the second half the film tries to bring back time travel and time loops. What works for the film is some moments of unpredictability..

Zaid Khan is decent. Sonal does well. But the pairing doesn’t look right. Achyuth is good. Devraj has little to do. Sujay Shastri is the pick. Swapna Raj is fine.

Advaith Gurumurthy’s cinematography is pretty good. Background score and music by Ajneesh Loknath helps. KM Prakash’s editing is OK. Dialogues are standard and direction average.

BANARAS is just about passable..





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