Namma Veetu Pillai (2019)

NAMMA VEETU PILLAI – MOVIE REVIEW Sun Pictures produces this film that is written and directed by Pandiraj. Pandiraj had a big hit in “Kadaikutty Singham” prior to this. When something works for you why change? This seems to be the mantra for Pandiraj and he faithfully sticks to the formula of his previous film and just tweaks it a bit here and there to … Continue reading Namma Veetu Pillai (2019)

Get Out (2017)

Daniel Kaluuya(Chris Washington)– He lived as a character and proved his power through his acting skills Allison Williams(Rose Armitage) – She looks like a doll and climax proved her worth in the movie! LilRel Howery(Rod Williams) – Supporting Others – Rocking Story – A young afro american along with his white girl friend travel to meet the girl parents and night mares start happening. Cinematography … Continue reading Get Out (2017)

The Foreigner (2017)

Jackie Chan – A much better movie from Jackie chan after a long gap. This time he was quite serious with his performance and delivered his best. His stunts are still energetic in this age sand kudos to him! Pierce Brosnan – Tough and competitive performance Others – Supportive Story – A cat and mouse game between a business man(Jackie Chan) with a tough past and … Continue reading The Foreigner (2017)

Ingrid Goes West (2017)

Aubrey Plaza – Perfect! Life time performance and at her best! Elizabeth Olsen – Upcoming performer! Knocking performance O’Shea Jackson Jr – Honest with his role Wyatt Russell – Reality Role Billy Magnussen – Cool and Cunning Others – Balanced Story – A mentally challenged social media lover goes to LA and make herself star in the instagram Cinematography – Involving Screenplay – Smooth Direction … Continue reading Ingrid Goes West (2017)

Brad’s Status (2017)

Ben Stiller – One of my favorites. Best and true performance from him. Austin Abrams – Supportive Others – Just in Story – A father travels with his son and meet’s his old friends to know their status and his decision on the past career choice Cinematography – Fair Screenplay – Sedate Direction – Average Brad’s Status (2017) – It’s a slow movie shows the … Continue reading Brad’s Status (2017)

Acts Of Vengeance (2017)

Antonio Banderas – Energetic and fit but looking forward to see him in the much better movies Karl Urban – Guest but not at his best Cristina Serafini – Cute and simple Others – There Story – A busy lawyer takes down the people who killed his wife and daughter Cinematography – Neat Screenplay – Boring Direction – Ok Acts Of Vengeance (2017) – It’s … Continue reading Acts Of Vengeance (2017)