Bad Day for the Cut (2017)

Nigel O’Neill – Natural performance from  the talented actor Susan Lynch – Rough and tough Józef Pawlowski – Performing role Others – Matching Story – A middle aged man who lives with his mom and works as farmer goes on hunt for people who killed his mother Cinematography – Cool! Certain shots are too good (Climax shot camera work). Screenplay – Moderate Direction – Neat … Continue reading Bad Day for the Cut (2017)

Jungle (2017)

Daniel Radcliffe – Such a involving and matured performance. He carried the whole movie through his role. Award winning performance. Thomas Kretschmann – Fit and Smart Alex Russell – Caring and Trustworthy performance Others – Team work Story – A group of people joined a guide in the Bolivian forest to find an Indian village but unfortunately things were different surviving in the jungle Cinematography … Continue reading Jungle (2017)

Wind River (2017)

Jeremy Renner – Simple, cool and matching role. Right choice of story for him Elizabeth Olsen – Right choice of casting in terms of her role as she looks innocent but delivers energetic performance Others – Perfect Background Music – Amazing Cinematography – Blissful for eyes and the hard work is clearly shown in the each and every frame Direction – Impactful Taylor Sheridan(Director) – … Continue reading Wind River (2017)

Infinity Chamber (2016)

Christopher Soren Kelly – One man show and well done since he has competitive for himself Others – Managed Story – A man wakes up in the automated prison and came to know he is trapped in there. He has to outsmart the super computer to escape from the prison Cinematography – Good Screenplay – Slow Direction – Complicated Infinity Chamber (2016) – It’s a simple … Continue reading Infinity Chamber (2016)

Gerald’s Game (2017)

Carla Gugino – Excellent performance. Carried the whole movie on her shoulder from the start. Bruce Greenwood – One of the bold characters Others – Merging Story – When a couple try to make their married life special by going to the lake house. Unexpectedly her husband died, while she was handcuffed in the bed and trying to survive Cinematography – Interesting and angles are clear … Continue reading Gerald’s Game (2017)

Escape Room (2017)

Skeet Ulrich- Guest role with less scope to perform Christine Donlon – Bold and emotional Randy Wayne – Justified Others – Balanced Story – Four friends take part in the famous los angeles escape room game where they need to solve the puzzle within 60 minutes to get out but when a cursed box played a vital role which puts everyone life in risk Cinematography … Continue reading Escape Room (2017)