Forensic (2020)

Forensic – A Gripping thriller yet feels dry.

Cinematography is smooth and goes with flow of the narration, editing is crisp but nothing special, art and production design looks sophisticated. Action scenes are choreographed neatly.

There is no forced songs and are of average and forgettable, like one of my friend suggested ever since Raatchasan released it has become mandatory to use loud and dramatic Bgm, it’s fine but a little originality would be appreciated.

Story and concept is brilliant, writing team has worked a lot, they have researched to the core, and that needs to be applauded. Dialogues are OK and works well. Screenplay is were they go wrong, too much twist and turns and spoonfeeding each and every detail.. let’s this movie down which otherwise could have been a great watch.

Direction by akhil and anaas is sleek and extremely exciting, they have handled some disturbing scenes with at most care,opening and the interval scene are praiseworthy, although they could have avoided a lot of cinematic liberty in the second half and as I mentioned above too much spoonfeeding also could have been avoided. Otherwise a neat work from duo directors.

Tovino is his usual self, the movie completely belongs to him. light humor, action and drama he excels. Mamatha does exactly what her character demands, her role is of a tough cop but also has a sensitive side and she does with ease. Other actors are fine and move the story forward.

Its a well made thriller and suspense is great but wish the team has not made this gem of a story too complicated. I would recommend this movie and hope it gets enough recognition.

Review by bexen KOshy

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