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Varudu Kaavalenu Movie Review

Varudu kaavalenu review : Clean family entertainer.
My rating : 3/5
Performances :
Naga Shaurya is superb with his dressing style as carries the formal dresses in an impressive manner. He delivered an honest performance with ease. His screen presence and good variance in the acting brings depth to the proceedings.The way he showcases subtle emotions throughout the film is very good. Naga Shourya has a big role and brings a lot of depth to the film.

Ritu Varma performed well in the role of an authoritarian girl and she also reasoned it out well with powerful dialogue. In the second half, she transforms surprisingly all as a jovial girl but only for a few minutes.

Nadiya looked good as the mother of Ritu Varma and she made her presence felt with her dialogues, expressions, and emotions.

Murali Sharma got limited screen presence except for good and impactful dialogues in one particular scene.

Saptagiri and Vennela Kishore evoke decent fun in a few scenes.
Himaja is good in her role and so was Praveen.

Vaishnavi Chaitanya did a decent job in the given extended cameo role. Dethadi Harika is alright in her small cameo.

Jayaprakash is good as MD of Bhumi’s start-up and her well-wisher. All the cast have got good characterisations.

Technical values :
Director Lakshmi Sowjanya, she makes an impressive debut. Her writing, characters, and emotions are strong and hold the film together. She handles the love angle in a mature manner and narrates the film with a lot of class. Ganesh Ravuri who made his debut as a dialogue writer came with good impactful and thought-provoking dialogues. These dialogues elevated the scenes to make an impression on viewers.
Vishal Chandrasekhar’s music is good and all the songs are well shot. His BGM is in sync with the story.
Cinematography by Vamsi and Vishnu is rich as they had tried to present the film with good framing.
Editing by Naveen Nooli is alright. Production values are top class.

Highlights :
Naga shaurya and ritu varma screen presence and performances

Drawbacks :
Predictable story
Slow pace

Overall : Decent rom-com.

Review by Salana Ashok kumar


Produced by Mythri Movie Makers PUSHPA is written and directed by Sukumar. This Telugu film gets a dubbed release in Hindi, Kannada and Tamil.

The plot revolves around the red sandalwood smugglers and their cat and mouse game with the law. A very predictable storyline and with a huge star playing the lead PUSHPA ticks all the commercial boxes to make the film largely engaging and somewhat entertaining. There are some bland moments but they don’t last long. What ails the film is the lack of a strong villain, until the indomitable Faahad Fazil comes on screen. The last twenty minutes sets up the pace setting up high expectations for the second part. The romance in the film is smart and funny, but overall at a very neutral pace the film fails to accelerate.

Allu Arjun is striking as PUSPHA RAJ, and carries the film on his right shoulder. Rashmika is not very impressive in her small role. Samantha in her item song scorches the screen. Faahad Fazil gets little screen time and sets up for an interesting duel in the second part.

Miroslaw’s cinematography is good. The same cannot be said about the VFX. The songs are entertaining DSP’s background score is pulsating. Karthika Nivas – Ruben handle the editing and it is neat. Dialogues are good and direction is tidy.

PUSHPA is a predictable fare that doesn’t excite nor disappoint, but sets up for a mouth watering second part.





Geeta Arts produces this film that is written and directed by Bommarilu Bhaskar. This film is a supposed effort by Allu Arvind and Nagarjuna to resurrect Akhil’s career.

Romcoms are usually fun, but with a wooly plot it is the screenplay that carries the film past the post. MEB is no different; regrettably it is the comedy that does not snap like it should. Save for a few laughs it is mostly functional. The first half basically drags through while it is the second half that the film picks up pace and spice. A litigious topic is calmly handled without being histrionic or blatantly preachy. The acquiescent treatment works for the film. But the logic is tossed away to accommodate some silly courtroom scenes and a corporate deal.

Akhil suits the character and manages to hold himself. It is Pooja Hegde who waltzes through with a fantastic performance. The rest of the characters largely sham away.

Pradeesh Varma’s cinematography is helped by decent production values. Gopi Sundar stands out with his lively background score and songs. K Venkatesh’s editing has gaps. Dialogues are decent and direction could have been better.

MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR( BACHELORETTE was apt) is a fun ride, thanks to Pooja, otherwise is inconsistent.




Tuck Jagadish(2021)Telegu Movie Review

Tuck Jagadish is a film predominantly made to remind us about the beauty of joint families, the sensitive issues in villages which brings divide among the people etc. Director Shiva Nirvana got a huge casting and gave relatable names to them. The names, the casting, and the village setup gives us an honest feeling. But then, the good things end there itself. The multiple characters conflict with the screen time. We see characters coming and disappearing without purpose. It happens in the case of everyone, even the heroines and Jagapathi Babu.

We get to see many things happening without purpose. In many places, we feel like we are seeing familiar scenes. Everything becomes predictable and boring. The climax is again a disappointment.

Nani is Nani in Tuck Jagadish. He is one actor who excels in comedy and emotional sequences. There is very little comedy in this film and he does justice for the emotions that are needed from him within the character boundaries. There are also some sequences which highlight the heroism in Nani and they are comfortable as well.

Review by katyayan-12892

Vivaha Bhojanambu(2021) Telugu Movie Review

In the past several comedians have attempted the lead roles and tried their luck. It is Satya’s turn with Vivaha Bhojanambu and he has chosen an underdog role that aptly fits him. Sundeep Kishan produces the film on his home production, raising curiosity. With the happening Covid-19 backdrop as the premise and promising promos, the makers did garner attention. Does Vivaha Bhojanambu offer full wedding meals? Check out.


Mahesh (Satya), an ordinary life insurance agent, impresses good looking and rich girl Anitha (Aarjavee Raaz) with his genuineness, sincerity. Mahesh is a miser who doesn’t like to spend money. However, he defends himself as a ‘cautious person’. Anitha’s father Rama Krishna (Srikanth Iyengar) doesn’t approve her decision after looking at Mahesh’s photograph. Rama Krishna’s disinterest and dislike of Mahesh further deepens when he visits Mahesh’s house that is almost in a repaired state with bad furniture, things. However, Mahesh’s family surname has a connection with Anitha’s grandfather (Subbaraya Sharma) that works in favour of their marriage. Unwillingly, Rama Krishna bows down to his father and family head’s decision. When Anitha’s whole family visits the newly-wed couple, unexpectedly, a national 15 day lockdown is announced by PM Narendra Modi due to Covid-19 pandemic. Miser Mahesh’s woes worsen with the overstay of Anitha’s family. What is the secret Mahesh and Anitha hid from Anitha’s family? How Mahesh overcomes all the hurdles and finally impresses Anitha’s father forms the crux of the story.


Satya is apt for the role. He fits the bill. His modulation and antics work. Till the first half, Satya pulls the film on his shoulders. Aarjavee Raaz is good as Anitha, the role that eventually gets sidelined. Srikanth Iyengar is alright as a sulking father. Sudarshan evokes a few laughs. He proves worthy as Satya’s friend. ‘Amrutham’ fame Shivannaryana is a value addition who is desperate to eat sweets. Sundeep Kishan plays an extended cameo as Nellore Prabhu. But his role has gone overboard. Sundeep’s farce acts don’t work. He is seen as an ambulance driver with hallucinations about his non-existent love Bhramara. It is a wrong choice by Sundeep to play the role. The role looks forced and non-sync. Appearance wise, he looks good though. Viva Harsha fails to impress in the guest role. Late TNR has got a full-length role. Sadly, he will be missed.


Writer-director Ram Abbiraju seems to be inspired from old Telugu movies ‘Bandhuvulostunnaru Jagratha’ and ‘Aha Naa Pellanta’ (miser characterisation) in the writing of Vivaha Bhojanambu. He infused the Covid-19 theme into this and the outcome is a mixed bag. On paper, Vivaha Bhojanambu looks good. But it failed in its narration and direction. The second half requires serious attention. Music works. Visuals are appealing. Production values are good.

Thumbs Up

Satya’s Comedy
First Half

Thumbs Down

Boring Second Half


Debutante director Ram Abbiraju starts the film on an interesting note. The setting up of characters and their intros are good. The first act of the script draws attention. However, he fails to sustain the interest with the story. He struggled with the second act and the third act of the script which is clearly evident. The newcomer suffered with the second-half syndrome. Had some changes been made to the script, the film would have been met with a different fate.

The twist in the tale is the secret about Mahesh’s family. It would have been much better if this revelation could have been the interval point. Even this crucial twist goes unnoticed. It deserves a better presentation and good pause. Once this secret is revealed, the film turns predictable. The pre-climax and climax portions are let down. Audiences feel helpless but wish for lockdown to end soon for the film to end as it drags towards the end. On the whole, a few comedy scenes are saving grace for Vivaha Bhojanambu that lift the film to an extent. Otherwise, Vivaha Bhojanambu is skippable.

Review by Gultedesk

118 (2019)

118 – An engaging thriller with a supernatural element at its heart.

An investigative journalist has a recurring dream about a girl being murdered which he investigates.

The movie begins with the murder of the lead Nivetha Thomas appearing in Kalyan Ram’s dream. Kalyan’s character being a daring investigative journalist pursues the crime from the various clues in his dream. There are several characters who come and go in his life including his fiancee Shalini Pandey and best friend Prabhas sreenu.

The story while being interesting, sometimes goes out of genre mingling with fantasy. There are multiple number of twists and turns with interesting sub plots. The director has managed to include a social subject involving medical corporate in the story. The screenplay is taut and doesn’t deviate much from the plot except for the first action sequence not being much use to the story. The actors played their characters well especially Nivetha being given a small screen time. Kalyan looked stylish and did enough justice to his job. Shalini looked cute with her expressions in a romantic track, apart from which she didn’t have much to do other encouraging the hero with illogical motivation. However her chemistry with Kalyan was very good.

The cinematography which was also handled by the director is appropriate for the subject. The only thing to be criticized is that nearing the end, the movie somewhat improvised from the dream concept in interstellar movie bringing an abrupt end to the movie without much closure. The movie has only one track which is good while the background score complements the movie very well.

With a run time over just 2 hours 11 minutes the movie is a racy watch if you don’t focus too much on the cinematic liberties taken. The director has managed to make us ignore the illogical parts by making us focus on the actors and the movie as a whole.

This is a must watch for the weekend if you are in mood for thrillers.

Review by Muthu Shanmugam


Gentleman (2016)

Gentleman (2016): When Nani enters with a new film in theaters,every audience including children to old people expect a lot.That’s his stamina.He has lot of hits but still did not confine to any image or genre.He has all round fans and everyone admires him.After hat-rick hits now he is back with Gentleman directed by Indraganti Mohankrishna who introduced him as hero.So how is this Gentleman?

Plot: Katherine (Niveda) who is working as VFX artist gets impressed with a street smart boy Gautham (Nani) and falls in love with him. After few days, Katherine goes to London for a workshop. On her flight back home, she meets Aishwarya (Surabhi). During their journey to Hyderabad, Katherine gets to know that Aishwarya is going to marry a businessman Jay. Aishwarya narrates how she got engaged to Jay and their romantic trip to Kodai.

After landing in Hyderabad, Katherine comes to know that the guy Surabhi is going to marry and her boyfriend are the same. How can he love two women at same time? What is the twist?

Plus Points: 1)Screenplay: Thriller has the best scope to thrill audience with nail-biting suspense moments.This movie has plenty of such moments in second half.Interval scene is awesome and clearly raises hopes on the movie.Director really succeeded in confusing audience about Nani’s Hero or Villain nature.

2)Performances: Nothing to say about Nani’s performance as he is Natural Star.He played with ease in both roles.Especially in role of Jai,he did great in showcasing negative shades.Another major attraction is Niveda Thomas.She came as a surprise element with brilliant performance and expressions.

3)Music: Mani Shrama is back with a bang with pleasant melodies and especially haunting BGM.Theme of Gentleman is awesome and I am sure that it will play in our mind even after we come out if theaters.

Minus Points: 1)Predictable Climax: Though this movie has suspense elements and Hero or Villain theme it is obvious that Hero will be always hero.

2)Slow pace in few scenes: Indraganti is known for his class entertainers so it is his style where scenes may feel bit dragged.

So Gentleman is decent thriller with thrilling screenplay,brilliant performances of Nani and Niveda Thomas and haunting BGM by Mani Sharma

My rating 7/10

Review by shobanchittuprolu

Bheeshma (2020)

Really a good film to watch & enjoy it over the weekend. A good performance by most of the main cast makes it worth a watch. Nithiin’s acting, rashmika’s presence & the antagonist’s characterization are top class, and not to forget who wouldn’t love the superb comedy timing of Vennela Kishore & Raghu babu 👌🏻. The concept of organic farming vs Fertilised farming makes it quite interesting.

Nithiin Acting
Vennela kishore, raghu babu scenes
comic timings
novel concept

Dull songs
few lame jokes.
Rushing 2nd half

Verdict: Bheeshma is a perfect weekend entertainer that you don’t wan’t to miss.

Review by Santosh Ravi Teja Goteti

Sarileru Neekevvaru (2020)

Firstly I am fully satisfied with the movie and proudly can say it's a Hatrick Hit for Mahesh.. 

Once again MaheshBabu proved that he does something different than other actors either thought his way of story selection or some new point or through a good message by highlighting a current problem in society or by his acting variation. 

This movie does not have a 'No Smoking Ad' which happens very rare in movies especially in commercial movies. (In Spyder also there was No smoking ad). 

With his movie Mahesh proved once again that 

1. He can also dance well (may be not like NTR, RC etc. ) but upto his mark. 

2. He has shown acting variation from his past movies

3. He can also do a Mass commercial... 

Mahesh entrance was very simple and classy one.. Mahesh look was so fresh and looks energetic.. 

Mahesh way of dialogue delivery was so good.. 

Songs are good when watched on screen... Even though you listen it for 1st time also.. 

Many complained DSP did not give good songs.. but they are good on screen.. 

The confrontation scenes with Prakash Raj and Mahesh are good.. 

Especially scene with Ministers in a party office (liked very much..one of my fav) 

Expected a lot of comedy from Rajendra Prasad, but it's average (didn't met my expectation..so a bit dissatisfied..other wise it's fine) 

1st half was good and goes up high at pre-interval and 2nd half goes interestingly there on much into the plot.. 

Climax was a different one and not a routine kinda climax (i have my doubt and not sure how many will like or not..but I liked it..) 


* SuperStar MaheshBabu himself (it's obviously) 

* Vijayasanti character and role (expected a small role..but it was good and her acting was flawless) 

* Terrific BGM and Cinematography

* Action scenes - especially Pre-interval episode (super elevation scenes..) 

* MaheshBabu dance moments in Mind Block song... ❤❤❤ ( Visual Feast for fans) 

* Emotional scenes are good and felt very natural.. 


* The much hyped train sequence is not up to the mark.. It's average.. (Could have trimmed a bit here or could have been much better) 

One a whole, it's a wholesome package with all commercial elements rightly framed from start to end..

Final Verdict : Bomma Daddarillipoindi... MassMB's Mass Hit.. 

Rating: 3.5/5 (for normal audience) 

4.5/5 (my personal rating as a fan..)

Review by Rajesh Kotina

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (2019)

SYERAA is a multi lingual epic that is written by Parichuri brothers and directed by Surender Reddy and produced by Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan under the Konidela Production Company banner.

Set in the pre independence era. The film is mostly a fictional work that is tailored from the life and history of freedom fighter Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy from the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh. The early establishment of the premise and the characters is a little hasty, despite that the flow of the story is a little sluggish. The predictable story line too does not offer anything new in terms of narration. Scenes where Sudeep and Chiranjeevi share screen space are noteworthy. It’s in the second half that the film comes alive with action and drama in good dose. The length of the film definitely needed some snips.

Chiranjeevi rocks the second half but in the first half he looks a tad jaded in scenes that are devoid of action. Sudeep is the dark house and stands out. Nayanthara makes it work. Tamannah impresses in an intense role.. Oh yes there is Vijay Sethupathi who is his normal self even in this pre historical. Amitabh Bachan makes a dignified impact.

Ratnavelu’s brilliant visuals work in tandem with good VFX as well as some amazing work by the production design team. The costumes design by Uthara and Sushmita are a treat as well. The action scenes choreographed by multiple stunt masters are outrageous but then you would expect it. Julius Packiam’s background score is adequate. Amit Trivedi’ songs are decent. Sreekar Prasad’s editing surprisingly is a hit and miss. Dialogues could have been better. Direction by Reddy is fine.

SYE RAA NARASIMHA REDDY has nothing new to offer but then on a huge canvas with patriotism and sacrifice as it’s underpinnings and a good dose of secularism, mythology and drama it is not difficult to overcome the blemishes.