Geeta Arts produces this film that is written and directed by Bommarilu Bhaskar. This film is a supposed effort by Allu Arvind and Nagarjuna to resurrect Akhil’s career.

Romcoms are usually fun, but with a wooly plot it is the screenplay that carries the film past the post. MEB is no different; regrettably it is the comedy that does not snap like it should. Save for a few laughs it is mostly functional. The first half basically drags through while it is the second half that the film picks up pace and spice. A litigious topic is calmly handled without being histrionic or blatantly preachy. The acquiescent treatment works for the film. But the logic is tossed away to accommodate some silly courtroom scenes and a corporate deal.

Akhil suits the character and manages to hold himself. It is Pooja Hegde who waltzes through with a fantastic performance. The rest of the characters largely sham away.

Pradeesh Varma’s cinematography is helped by decent production values. Gopi Sundar stands out with his lively background score and songs. K Venkatesh’s editing has gaps. Dialogues are decent and direction could have been better.

MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR( BACHELORETTE was apt) is a fun ride, thanks to Pooja, otherwise is inconsistent.





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