Gentleman (2016)

Gentleman (2016): When Nani enters with a new film in theaters,every audience including children to old people expect a lot.That’s his stamina.He has lot of hits but still did not confine to any image or genre.He has all round fans and everyone admires him.After hat-rick hits now he is back with Gentleman directed by Indraganti Mohankrishna who introduced him as hero.So how is this Gentleman?

Plot: Katherine (Niveda) who is working as VFX artist gets impressed with a street smart boy Gautham (Nani) and falls in love with him. After few days, Katherine goes to London for a workshop. On her flight back home, she meets Aishwarya (Surabhi). During their journey to Hyderabad, Katherine gets to know that Aishwarya is going to marry a businessman Jay. Aishwarya narrates how she got engaged to Jay and their romantic trip to Kodai.

After landing in Hyderabad, Katherine comes to know that the guy Surabhi is going to marry and her boyfriend are the same. How can he love two women at same time? What is the twist?

Plus Points: 1)Screenplay: Thriller has the best scope to thrill audience with nail-biting suspense moments.This movie has plenty of such moments in second half.Interval scene is awesome and clearly raises hopes on the movie.Director really succeeded in confusing audience about Nani’s Hero or Villain nature.

2)Performances: Nothing to say about Nani’s performance as he is Natural Star.He played with ease in both roles.Especially in role of Jai,he did great in showcasing negative shades.Another major attraction is Niveda Thomas.She came as a surprise element with brilliant performance and expressions.

3)Music: Mani Shrama is back with a bang with pleasant melodies and especially haunting BGM.Theme of Gentleman is awesome and I am sure that it will play in our mind even after we come out if theaters.

Minus Points: 1)Predictable Climax: Though this movie has suspense elements and Hero or Villain theme it is obvious that Hero will be always hero.

2)Slow pace in few scenes: Indraganti is known for his class entertainers so it is his style where scenes may feel bit dragged.

So Gentleman is decent thriller with thrilling screenplay,brilliant performances of Nani and Niveda Thomas and haunting BGM by Mani Sharma

My rating 7/10

Review by shobanchittuprolu


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