Sarileru Neekevvaru (2020)

Firstly I am fully satisfied with the movie and proudly can say it's a Hatrick Hit for Mahesh.. 

Once again MaheshBabu proved that he does something different than other actors either thought his way of story selection or some new point or through a good message by highlighting a current problem in society or by his acting variation. 

This movie does not have a 'No Smoking Ad' which happens very rare in movies especially in commercial movies. (In Spyder also there was No smoking ad). 

With his movie Mahesh proved once again that 

1. He can also dance well (may be not like NTR, RC etc. ) but upto his mark. 

2. He has shown acting variation from his past movies

3. He can also do a Mass commercial... 

Mahesh entrance was very simple and classy one.. Mahesh look was so fresh and looks energetic.. 

Mahesh way of dialogue delivery was so good.. 

Songs are good when watched on screen... Even though you listen it for 1st time also.. 

Many complained DSP did not give good songs.. but they are good on screen.. 

The confrontation scenes with Prakash Raj and Mahesh are good.. 

Especially scene with Ministers in a party office (liked very of my fav) 

Expected a lot of comedy from Rajendra Prasad, but it's average (didn't met my a bit dissatisfied..other wise it's fine) 

1st half was good and goes up high at pre-interval and 2nd half goes interestingly there on much into the plot.. 

Climax was a different one and not a routine kinda climax (i have my doubt and not sure how many will like or not..but I liked it..) 


* SuperStar MaheshBabu himself (it's obviously) 

* Vijayasanti character and role (expected a small role..but it was good and her acting was flawless) 

* Terrific BGM and Cinematography

* Action scenes - especially Pre-interval episode (super elevation scenes..) 

* MaheshBabu dance moments in Mind Block song... ❤❤❤ ( Visual Feast for fans) 

* Emotional scenes are good and felt very natural.. 


* The much hyped train sequence is not up to the mark.. It's average.. (Could have trimmed a bit here or could have been much better) 

One a whole, it's a wholesome package with all commercial elements rightly framed from start to end..

Final Verdict : Bomma Daddarillipoindi... MassMB's Mass Hit.. 

Rating: 3.5/5 (for normal audience) 

4.5/5 (my personal rating as a fan..)

Review by Rajesh Kotina

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