Varudu Kaavalenu Movie Review

Varudu kaavalenu review : Clean family entertainer.
My rating : 3/5
Performances :
Naga Shaurya is superb with his dressing style as carries the formal dresses in an impressive manner. He delivered an honest performance with ease. His screen presence and good variance in the acting brings depth to the proceedings.The way he showcases subtle emotions throughout the film is very good. Naga Shourya has a big role and brings a lot of depth to the film.

Ritu Varma performed well in the role of an authoritarian girl and she also reasoned it out well with powerful dialogue. In the second half, she transforms surprisingly all as a jovial girl but only for a few minutes.

Nadiya looked good as the mother of Ritu Varma and she made her presence felt with her dialogues, expressions, and emotions.

Murali Sharma got limited screen presence except for good and impactful dialogues in one particular scene.

Saptagiri and Vennela Kishore evoke decent fun in a few scenes.
Himaja is good in her role and so was Praveen.

Vaishnavi Chaitanya did a decent job in the given extended cameo role. Dethadi Harika is alright in her small cameo.

Jayaprakash is good as MD of Bhumi’s start-up and her well-wisher. All the cast have got good characterisations.

Technical values :
Director Lakshmi Sowjanya, she makes an impressive debut. Her writing, characters, and emotions are strong and hold the film together. She handles the love angle in a mature manner and narrates the film with a lot of class. Ganesh Ravuri who made his debut as a dialogue writer came with good impactful and thought-provoking dialogues. These dialogues elevated the scenes to make an impression on viewers.
Vishal Chandrasekhar’s music is good and all the songs are well shot. His BGM is in sync with the story.
Cinematography by Vamsi and Vishnu is rich as they had tried to present the film with good framing.
Editing by Naveen Nooli is alright. Production values are top class.

Highlights :
Naga shaurya and ritu varma screen presence and performances

Drawbacks :
Predictable story
Slow pace

Overall : Decent rom-com.

Review by Salana Ashok kumar


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