ENNA SOLLA POGIRAI is a romantic film written and directed by A. HariharanHariharan. The film is produced by A.Ravindran.

The film has a not very original or novel plot. Relationships are neatly worked out and with everything set the film then drags imminently. When predictability sets in and with nothing solid to offer the film loses steam and gets a bit tedious. The film is largely verbose and with many silent moments can be quite a test to please all. The comedy is pathetic.

Ashwin Kumar, despite his controversial statement off the screen has delivered a confident and mature performance. If he can watch out his mouth he is someone to watch out for. Teju Ashwini is equal to the task and is neat. Avantika looks miscast despite being okay. Pugazh is lame and boring.

Richard Nathan’s cinematography is good. Vivek Merwin’s music is adequate but lacks the magic required for a romantic drama. Durairaj’ editing is lazy. Dialogues are average and direction okay.

ENNA SOLLA POGIRAI ends up flat despite convincing performances.




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