Produced by Mythri Movie Makers PUSHPA is written and directed by Sukumar. This Telugu film gets a dubbed release in Hindi, Kannada and Tamil.

The plot revolves around the red sandalwood smugglers and their cat and mouse game with the law. A very predictable storyline and with a huge star playing the lead PUSHPA ticks all the commercial boxes to make the film largely engaging and somewhat entertaining. There are some bland moments but they don’t last long. What ails the film is the lack of a strong villain, until the indomitable Faahad Fazil comes on screen. The last twenty minutes sets up the pace setting up high expectations for the second part. The romance in the film is smart and funny, but overall at a very neutral pace the film fails to accelerate.

Allu Arjun is striking as PUSPHA RAJ, and carries the film on his right shoulder. Rashmika is not very impressive in her small role. Samantha in her item song scorches the screen. Faahad Fazil gets little screen time and sets up for an interesting duel in the second part.

Miroslaw’s cinematography is good. The same cannot be said about the VFX. The songs are entertaining DSP’s background score is pulsating. Karthika Nivas – Ruben handle the editing and it is neat. Dialogues are good and direction is tidy.

PUSHPA is a predictable fare that doesn’t excite nor disappoint, but sets up for a mouth watering second part.





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