Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios and Pascal Pictures produce this action thriller that is written by Chis McKenna and Eric Somers, and directed by Jon Watts

. A wobbly plot, weak humour, loads of emotions and a lot of thrills especially with the multi villains the makers launch this franchise on a humongous scale. There is nostalgia in the form of old villains too and a great surprise in store for the old Spidey fans. Like most Marvel movies this is crowded from the word go but is smart and entertaining. The action is spectacular and so are the visual effects.

Tom Holland despite the crowd of heroes manages to hold on to his own. Benedict Cumberbatch and Willem Dafoe are brilliant. Zendaya sparkles.

Maura Fiore’s cinematography is awesomely fluid. Michael Giacchino’s background score thrills. Jeffrey Ford’s edits are wonderful. Dialogues are decent and John Watts the director is in full form.

SPIDER- MAN – NO WAY HOME is textbook Marvel fun.,




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