Missing You Korean Movie Review

Warning: SpoilersI won’t say I just loved it but it was pretty good. I felt some points are too exaggerating. Like how could a serial be released after serving only 14 years? Really!!

He killed almost 7/8 people including a police chief .When he released, someone started killing people the way he had killed people. So,cheif friend suspects him and started monitoring him. Though evidences prove, he didn’t killed those but the new chief coundn’t let him go. He just kept saying, he is guilty guilty without any evidence. On the other hand, the cheif daughter whose father was murdered, was doing all these killing to frame him for taking her revenge. Seriously ! How can a 20 years old girl can murder 4/5 people like the way serial killer did 14 years ago. Somehow she also frame him for her own murder. Thus he is sent to jail.

I like the story but it was too much to handle. There is no much suspense as all scenes are shown when she did all those killings. If it was shown at the end, it would be much better than it is now.

Review by ramisaakter


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