Produced by Adham Bava and written and directed by Blue Shirt Elamaran who is credited to be the music director of the film as well.

There has been a lot of buzz around this film that has been directed at the director of the film who has in recent times has been at his savage best when reviewing Tamil films. So the very fact that Maran took this bold step of directing a movie surprised many. A single dimensional plot that attempts to call out religion nihilism, AI is a drag, with the film stuck on its left view agenda. The repeated sequences and the obvious references don’t stick. Like in most such films the politics and the policemen sound dumb. The first half is a trawl while the second half gets too priggish for comfort. The songs are pesky and the climax is ridiculous.

Naren, Radharavi do their jobs expected out of them. The ragtag leader Raja stands out with his performance

Technically the film doesn’t hold water. The cinematography by Kathiravasan is below average. Music by Maran himself is average. Editing by Sudharshan is ineffective. Dialogues are OK while direction is decent.

ANTI INDIAN surprisingly is nothing that was expected, but again the unexpected isn’t exciting either, with a droning missive and an anti climax, ANTI INDIAN is a boring drama.





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