Insomniacs Dreams Creations produce this film that is written and directed by Mano Ve Kannathasan.

Murder mysteries are always enticing and Tamil Film Industry has had a plethora of them in recent times with the audience wanting more of it. IP is not just a murder mystery but it also attempts to throw a gauntlet at the existing societal norms. Decently written IP is fairly engaging though the mystery can be easily unravelled with the limited characters in the story and its straightforward storyline. The short length of the film does not help to communicate the message that the film intends to convey forcefully. The characters too are not strongly evolved.

Amrutha has delivered a strong performance. Vignesh too is good. Rajesh Balachindran is neat in parts. The rest are OK.

Praveen Balu’s cinematography is orderly. Jones Rubert’s music is good. Ram Pandian has little to edit. Dialogues are good and direction is neat.

IRUDHI PAKKAM is predictably OK.





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