Adventure Boyz (2019)

Local Speedway racer dad Mike Harris and his wife, Lucy, are drifting apart. She reluctantly leaves her two sons, Sam and Jake in his charge while she returns to the US on business. Action-hungry Harris loves the adrenaline of getting out there and feeling alive by physically experiencing his sport, while his sons have started to discover new ways of encountering sports.

Disappointed by the digital age and the introduction of sports participation via an app without leaving the house, Harris encourages them to continue to experience the outdoors.

The boys venture out through the beautiful English countryside on their bikes. On their travels they uncover clues to a secret stash of stolen jewels, and bring it home.

Hot on their heels are the criminal mastermind gang behind the half-a-million-pound diamond discovery. Thinking they have the perfect plan, they call the Police, the diamonds are found and the boys’ father is arrested. However, the rest of the plan does not go as expected, as the children run away and, in an attempt to do the right thing, encounter further problems, and escapades – but who outsmarts who?

Shot in and around my local town of Hailsham, with the backdrop of the South Downs, it wasn’t hard to find fantastic locations for the film, including the prestigious Arlington Speedway.

An adventurous and highly enjoyable family-friendly film with twists and turns, comedic moments and a really important set of moral messages.

Review by ViktoriaCowley


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