ENEMY is written and directed by Anand Shankar whose last film NOTA with Vijay Devarakonda was not much of a success. The film is pitted against ANNATHE this Diwali resulting in lesser number of theatres for the film. The makers of the film have been confident despite the odds.

A supposedly action thriller the film opens up interestingly in establishing the two lead roles. Then on the script falls apart with disjointed sub plots and a very weak screenplay. Logic, a crucial factor in such movies is the biggest casualty and hence everything else looks labored and pretentious. The cat and mouse game hardly thrills while the climax is a big yawn.

Vishal looks “retired” while Arya looks “fresh”, both hardly suit the roles they play. Prakash Raj and Thambi Ramaiah are okay. The women, Mamta Mohandas and Mirnalini Ravi in the movie are virtually non-existent.

RD Rajashekar’s cinematography is good. Thaman’s songs save for one are duds. Sam CS’s BG score helps. Raymond Derrick’s editing is neat save for the duration. Dialogues are average and direction is ordinary.

ENEMY ends up as an average attempt and nothing more.





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