Sun Pictures produces this film that is written and directed by Siva. After Siva’s continuous association with Ajith for 4 films, Siva teams up with Rajinikanth for this 200 crore plus big budget film.

Siva’s strength is his uncomplicated straight line script that rarely crosses the boundaries that he sets up. With a rural milieu that Siva is more comfortable with, the first half is a breeze. There are plenty of emotional scenes to give us the Siva déjà vu but again it works because of the star cast. It is in the flat second half that the Siva template gets tiring. The action scenes and the search are prolonged and with very few characters the second half lacks depth. The complete shift disconnects the first half and with it the characters in them. Though the pace slacks considerably, the emotional scenes would connect with some in the audience better, while the mass scenes would please the fans a great lot. At close to 3 hours it definitely feels so.

Rajinikanth at 72 again proves yet again why he is the numero uno in Kollywood. He creams the first half with his charm, charisma and his inimitable frolics. Keerthy Suresh has little to do in the first half but owns the second half. Nayanthara does nothing new. Khushboo and Meena are loud along with Soori. The villains in Jagpathy and the rest have short roles.

Vetri’s cinematography is good. Iman hits out of the park with his songs and impressive background score. Ruben’s editing could have been sharp. Dialogues are good and direction is fine.

ANNATHE is Rajinikanth’s first film after his official retirement from his unofficial political career. Siva and Rajinikanth have teamed together to give what the audience want on Diwali. ANNATHE is loud fun with a lot of doled out emotions.




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