Written and directed by T.J. Gnanavel and produced by 2D Entertainment. JAI BHIM gets an OTT release TJG had earlier written and directed KOOTATHIL ORUVAN.

Based on a true incident that happened in 1993 of police sadism, the film begins without wasting time in establishing its contours. The deferential beginning is endearing as the movie slowly loosens its cannons and then on its bedlam. Not surprisingly it is when Surya gets on-board that the film travels like a commercial vehicle of his. The story then on sticks to the case on hand while adding some humour in its vain endeavour to amuse. Inadvertently the film slips into glib mode, with the ineffectual court room drama exhibiting debilitated representation from the state. The torture scenes and police carnage are so compelling that it is not for the weak hearted as the film appeals to the consciousness of its viewers. At nearly 3 hours the film is unduly long for comfort.

Like most Kollywood films of late this film too doesn’t eschew from its open rebuke of a particular community. This is done with a non participating character in the form of M.S Bhaskar whose only contribution in the film is to aid the canard. Like always the “hammer and sickle” wields its influence whenever and wherever possible and a national figure is reduced to being a “pocket symbol”, JAI BHIM”.

Surya does what he is good at. Lijomol Jose is the one who delivers a terrific performance, beaten and yet dignified in her portrayal of Sengeni. Manikandan is brilliant too. The director has extracted wonderful performances from the supporting cast(excluding Prakash Raj) and that is what makes the film a worthy plausible watch.

Kathir’s cinematography is from the top draw while Sean Ronald excels in the background score. Dialogues are good. Philomin Raj’s editing could have been tight. Direction is fine.

JAI BHIM is for the oppressed against the oppressor that will be viewed by everyone(OTT) but the oppressed, the hypocrisy Kollywood always gets away with..




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