My Name(2021) Korean Web Series

First up; Han So Hee is an amazing actress and she show her full range in the first episode which is one of the many reason that episode is so great. Most of the cast is good and the initial story, albeit cliche and overused, is good enough to suck you in. Music excellent, scenes and production value pretty good for TV. Fight scenes are mostly done gritty and great. I also like the progression of the show and where they want to take the story, I get the feeling the main writers know where they want to go and develop characters and episodes accordingly. The twists and turns of the show keep you guessing who the killer is which is sort of fun too.

What I loved the most about this though is that this is not a clearcut good vs evil. This show is ambiguous comes to morals and although you feel for and follow the protagonist, she is not a hero. She is basically a criminal looking for revenge, so not really sunshine and rainbows.

The negative is mainly the slow decline of the show. Step by step, episode by episode, the show is getting less good and finally reach a point in the end where you barely care anymore. It is subtle, but if you put the first episode next to the last episode you can see that there is a decline in everything from filming, to directing, to acting, to sets, to storytelling. Yes, the writers know what they want to do, but the show runners and the directors fail to deliver. There are also a lot of extras or side characters that could not act their way out of a closet, so although the main core actors are great the rest are not. I saw a lot of complaints about the tiny woman beating up men, and yea I can partly agree. With determination, training, and will you can do a lot of things others cannot and mostly I think it sold well. It is not like she does not bled or bruise. She get beaten up as much as she beat up others, with the ending as exception… horrible ending…

For what it is this is pretty good. If you enjoy a revenge story rapped around a mystery deeply in-bedded in a criminal world with a protagonist out for blood, this might very well be for you. This is definitely one of the better TV shows of this kind I have seen in a long while so this is definitely not bad. However this is not a masterpiece or fantastic either. Basically a good watch if you have nothing else to do. 6/10.

Review by namob-43673

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