GGVV is a crime thriller written and directed by Raj B Shetty, whose previous film was the fantastic “Ondu Motteya Kathe” that received critical acclaim all over. Produced by Paramvah Pictures, GGVV set up huge expectations and deservedly got a theatrical release before migrating to OTT(Zee5).

GGVV is a mutinous ode to the three titans Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara (creator, protector and the destroyer) and with these titular characters Raj B Shetty spins a newfangled tale of crime thriller that is riveting, fascinating and audacious. The subtle references to the Tridevs and their history cannot be missed as the creators etch out poetic narrative out of a ruthless crime story. GGVV is devoid of commercial elements like romance, comedy and even has just one woman in the entire film, but has blood and gore in abundance. Some scenes might look to be in a loop, there are some moments where the script is on a pause mode, but clever writing and brilliant filmmaking keeps the viewer engrossed throughout. The film does not glorify violence, but the rage is spellbinding until the end.

Raj B Shetty is phenomenal in his avatar as Shiv. Rishab B Shetty is the perfect foil as Hari. Gopal Krishna Deshpande shines as Brahmayya. The supporting cast hold fort.

Praveen Shriyan’s cinematography is captivating as it captures every small detail and as the editor he displays panache. Midhun Mukundan’s background score is redolent and impactful. Dialogues are neat and the direction is simply stunning.

GARUDA GAMANA VRISHABHA VAHANA is epic, bold and a must watch for film lovers.





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