THAEL is an action thriller written and directed by Hari Kumar. The film opens up acknowledging the source of its idea to a South Korean film. THAEL is produced by Gnanavel Raja.

THAEL begins with a dead pan attitude, not because of the sleep walking hero who wakes up only after 30 minutes into the film, the screenplay in itself is flat. The comedy looks forced and doesn’t belong to the story. The song and dance look totally foreign to the plot. The twist is easily visible from a distance and hence robs viewers of the thrill to guess. There are many logical loopholes that can swallow a buffalo. The second half manages to build some pace after a crawling first half. Despite an absorbing plot the execution falters.

Prabhudeva seems to be on a comeback deluge, but has delivered an honest performance. Samyukta Hegde “pops” in and out. Eswari Rao has more to do and does well. Yogi babu is annoying.

Vignesh vasu’s cinematography is effective. C.Sathya’s background score is neat while the songs are forgettable. Praveen’s editing is good. Dialogues are OK while direction is decent.

THAEL has venom but moves at a snail’s pace.




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