KVS is an action drama film written and directed by S.R. Prabhakaran and produced by Redhan The Cinema People

It would not take much to guess the premise of the film when the names associated with the films are known for a particular cause. So we do have a series of lectures on what happened then and what ought to happen now. These unintelligible sermons with some silly romance and idiotic comedy make up most of the revenge drama that has some passable action. The writer has invested all his money on the only surprise in the film and left the rest to chance.

Sasi Kumar looks decent except when he attempts to romance. Madonna Sebastian is the one to blame for his discomfort and she does just that in the film. Samudrakanni’s stiff necked perfomance is as usual. Soori is disappointing. Mahendran is neat.

Ekambaram’s cinematography is good. Thomas’s background score is below par and songs do not stick. Editing by Don Bosco is lethargic. Dialogues are bad and direction is shoddy.

KVS doesn’t disappoint in championing hypocrisy shamelessly while preaching social reforms.





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