Seetharaam Benoy Case Number Eighteen

Would totally suggest that you check out this movie! A lot has been said about the Malayalam/Tamil/Telugu movies in recent times, very rarely do we have a Kannada movie be talked about. This just might be one of them. (KGF doesn’t count in this context, don’t come at me)

The story revolves around a Cop who is out investigating a series of robberies , which is connected to something much larger. The film doesn’t beat around the bush and gets straight to the plot, no mirch masala, no comedy and drama. Good music, decent writing and the lead (apparently it’s his 50th movie and he’s legend there?) did a good job playing the role of a cop.

There is a bunch of cliche that the movie could have avoided but i didn’t mind it. The overall movie felt more of a crime drama than a crime thriller, it lacked that…..OMGWTH moment, it wasn’t…. thrilling, but don’t let that be a deal-breaker. Watch it just to support Kannada movies, because why not.

While it is neither the 10/10 that the general Sandalwood audience claims it to be and nor as bad as the movie critics say it is, it sure was a pleasant surprise. A solid 6.5 or 7, maybe. Nothing more, but nothing less.

So, if you’re into that and are looking for something new, check it out.

Review by TreeFiddy53


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