Anbarivu is an action drama film written and directed by debutant Aswin Raam and is produced by Sathya Jyothi Films

After horrifying viewers with horror comedies TFI is now on a “family entertainer” trip. The typical unusually usual crowded homes, marriage, sentiments and melodrama make up such films and they have turned out successful too in recent times. ANBAARIVU is built on the same template with the hero in dual roles and has generous dose of TFI ideology that looks forced than natural. Not to forget their complete disregard for what they preach in terms of naïve execution and logic.
Aadhi keeps hopping true to his name and does the same in both the roles. Kashmira Pardeshi keeps oscillating between wearing her apron and dancing. Shivani has very little to do. Vidharth is decent. Sai Kumar and Asha Sharath are OK too.
Madesh Manickam’s visuals are good. Aadhi’s music is loud and uninteresting. Dialogues are OK and direction for a debutant is middling.
ANBAARIVU is a multi task watch on OTT..





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