High Tension(2003) Movie Review

Two girls go to stay at one of the girl’s parents’ homes. But later that night, a serial rapist and killer breaks into the home to kill the family like he’s done to many families before. But he doesn’t know this new girl (Marie) is in the house… will she be able to get the jump on him?

Alexandre Aja is a name to watch. I saw “Hills Have Eyes” before I watched this, and it blew me away. I just had to see this earlier film, which came recommended to me from some of the most trusted people in my circle of horror buffs. Boy, was I not disappointed. If Aja keeps up his intensity from this film and from “Hills” in his future films, he’s going to be one of the greats.

Many horror films center around strong female leads. This is called the “final girl” plot. But Marie is one of the strongest I’ve seen, not just avoiding death but always being right in the thick of it. “Tension” is the right title for this film — I was on edge waiting to see how she would escape each conflict where she was literally under the killer’s nose again and again.

The gore is respectable. It doesn’t reach the levels of “Hills”, but there’s a really great blood spray scene involving a closet and there’s an oral sex scene with a decapitated head. I think once you see that, it really sets the tone. I knew at that point this film had potential.

I enjoyed the very subtle lesbian vibe the film gave off. Well, maybe not subtle. But I was under the impression from the very beginning there was a lesbian vibe and I think this played out well. It becomes a little more clear towards the end, but keeping me and the audience guessing was a nice touch.

My only concern was with the ending, which I can’t go into here. All I will say is that some will love it, some will hate it, and it may or may not make sense for everyone. I’m still left with some questions.

That concern aside, I loved this one. The gore, the women, the action, the suspense and the car chase scene (very well done). Aja takes what is best about horror and really

Review by gavin6942


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