THE KASHMIR FILES is a political emotional drama written by Vivek Agnihotri and Saurab Pandey and directed by Vivek Agnihotri. The film is produced by Zee Studios

There have been genocides across the globe that have failed to find mention in the pages of history, or worse accredited by institutions that distinguish them. Our country is privy to one such brazen liquidation that got conveniently suppressed by every post of the largest democracy in the world. The cultural cleansing got labelled as ‘voluntary migration’, with every individual being asked to fend off for themselves. Vivek Agnihotri with Saurab Pandey have worked on an emotional narrative that moves and spooks viewers into reminding us of the ghastly episode and the multitudinous ones before that, the institutions of this country irrespective of political beliefs have connived to repress in the name of tolerance and peace, abdicating moral courage and establishment responsibility. The research could have been better, deeper and yet it does its best to not be cinematic, as it effortlessly unravels, perhaps the darkest episode in our recent times in a rather superficial way at times. The purpose is served with some barbs and digs at institutions and individuals that unfortunately don’t go beneath the surface.

With the help of a fantastic cast, TKF tugs at its viewers. Anupam Kher’s delivers a heart wrenching performance. Pallavi Joshi comes out with a power packed show. Chinmay Mandlekar and Mithun Chakraborty are good enough with Darshan Kumar.

Uday Singh Mohite’s cinematography is solid. Rohit Sharma’s backgrounds core is effective. Dialogues are sound while editing by Shankh Rajadhyaksha is decent. Direction by Vivek Agnihotri is praise worthy.

THE KASHMIR FILES is a must watch that is unusual, bold and hard hitting. TKF is a film that courageously stands up for the neglected lot and is also a reminder of the impeding threats in the future, the oldest civilization faces.





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