Clean(2020) Movie Review

Let me first start out by saying I firmly believe that the common film audience has no idea what a “slow burn” film is anymore. As film viewers we have gotten used to huge blockbuster films with nonstop action or something exciting happening in every scene of a film, that when a slow burn thriller or mystery film comes out most people are bored with it.

With that out of the way I had a fun time with this movie and it brought me back to the days of my youth renting gritty thrillers from the rental stores. Adrian Brody has created a character in this film that feels both interesting and unique and I ended up feeling invested in and caring about what happened to him by the end of the film. The story is well paced if you don’t mind a slow burn and it does have some fun dark humor thrown in there that I very much enjoyed.

I recommend this film if you are a fan of the genre because it’s something fresh and I think it’s worth drawing your own conclusions on.

Review by DeadMansTrousers


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