Bullet Train(2022) Movie Review

Was excited heading into this because it’s the first movie I watched on early release. Tried to avoid spoilers so assumed it was going to be Japanese/Korean just because I kept thinking of Train to Busan when I heard the title.

Anyway, it was pretty decent, the actors performances are great all around, it wasn’t just Brad Pitt doing most of the heavy lifting. A lot of star cameo’s; standout for me was Channing Tatum, felt tit-for-tat after Brad’s cameo in The lost City. I was also glad to hear Kimiko from the boys finally speak lol. The comic scenes and action were great, I liked how they were mostly in short bursts and quick. Directed by the same person who did Deadpool, John wick, Hobbs & Shaw… liked that it had the same level of action but as frivolous as Hobbs & Shaw. I was a bit dubious about Joey King taking a lead role because I often think of her as someone in cheesy Netflix teen romcoms but she did alright.

I was curious as to see what interesting plot it’d have if everything takes place on one train ride, but Snowpiercer and Busanhaeng did it, why not this. They tried to make a big deal out of “fate” but really the movie is just a rather star-studded cast, most don’t get long but had fun with the little time they have. So if you’re to enjoy it, watch it to have fun, not to get meaning from it.

I did feel like some scenes were a tad bit too long especially in the first half, and it wasn’t exactly predictable but it did lack some suspense. You know everyone on the train’s somehow connected so the stories will merge in the end but you didn’t know how it’d get there, yet still no suspense. I don’t think it’s a mind-blowing film but it did what it was trying to do. Also felt like a fun spaghetti western on a Japanese train. They tried to give the characters some depth but it wasn’t much, the plot’s sometimes weak and that’s irrelevant because it’s not what the movie is for. Not something to make sense of, it’s just one of those nonsensical fun action films that appeal to the part of your brain that likes seeing things blow up or car chases to get your heart pumped. Also stay around for the post credits right after.

Review by AfricanBro


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